Sunday, December 22, 2019

This blog contains the exclusive and unique news ,articles ,stories ,photos ,videos and many  more about internet base earning , technical tips , online expertise and home base job , stories , news analysis , news updates , breaking news from different parts of the world , latest Government job schemes , government circulars , parliament and assembly news , political analysis and interviews , website reviews different educational guidance , tips and suggestions and total information technology guidance and tutorials etc .

The common Bengali speaking people have huge potentiality to be successful in techno , info and IT field . But the barrier of reading and speaking English is a big hurdle for them to be get familiar o all of these so that they can use technology for upgrading their daily living and convert the devise and technology in learning and earning . Not realizing the English language they also remain unaware of global current affairs and news that lead them to be get cheated from some one . E Governance services are getting very popular as a normal citizen now a days can easily claim and get different Government services submitting easy online application . But major number of people do not know which are those websites and how to do the application ,  what document required for that and how to upload . They even do not know that after perfect submission he/she will get the certificates or documents from the same site the have submitted the applications because many people even don’t know the word “download” , save and how to print after saving the file. And the main problem of the modern Bengali speaking society is starting from here . Who knows little how to use those online platform , are sometimes misleading the innocent people those are in urgent need of some Government document , earning unethical money capitalizing the innocence , techno- illiteracy , online fear , and unawareness of the vast people.

This blog is a tiny effort to solve all sorts of trouble the common Bengali speaking people face in everyday life due to unawareness , IT/Online /Internet /Web /Techno – illiteracy . It will cover the basic know how and FAQ of how to use and apply modern information technology easily in their everyday life to upgrade their standard of living , education and earning . Related global news data to ensure the speed that is required to run with the modern world . Stories and analytical articles , researches to show different dimension of time and life . As a whole it is a wish to serve the people to live better with happiness and peace using the modernization of Internet , information , data and news , lifestyle ,technology , laws tricks and tips so that on e can be up to dated with the time and growth of the society.

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