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Cricket Match Fixing 2000 - King Pin Sanjeev Chawla is booked and brought back to India

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The root of the Cricket betting

The Delhi Police have finally succeeded in bringing back Sanjeev Chawla, the prime accused and bookie in the 2000 match-fixing case. Chawla has come to India from London after almost two decades. The match fixing case in 2000 shook the entire cricket world.

D-Company agent

Names of late South African captain Hansie Cronje and several former India cricket stars were revealed in the 2000 match-fixing case.

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 Cronje was killed in a plane crash. After Chawla's arrest, many important secrets of fixing are expected be revealed in cricket. Chawla used to work for D-Company. 

Delhi Police has taken him in to their custody

The Delhi Police took Chawla into custody on Wednesday and completed legal formalities for his extradition from a UK court. 

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Then they flew to Delhi with 50-year-old Bookie Chawla. According to court documents filed by Chawla in the UK High Court, he revealed his identity as a Delhi-born businessman who went to the UK on a business visa in 1996 and continued to come to India.

Chawla was introduced to Cronje in January-February 2000

In 2005, Chawla received a UK passport and has since been a British citizen. According to information presented before the court, Chawla was introduced to Cronje in January-February 2000. Cronje was suggested by Chawla and another person that he could earn a lot of money if he agreed to lose the cricket match.

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 Cronje was paid during the South African cricket team's tour of India. This controversial cricket series was played in February – March 2000.
Chawla played a key role in fixing cricket matches

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According to reports, Sanjeev Chawla, Hansi Cronje and others conspired to fix cricket matches in exchange for money, Chawla played a key role in this. He had direct contact with Cronje. After the controversy , when the world cricket was trembling mysteriously Cronje died in a plane crash in June 2002.

The case surfaced in April 2000

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Both Chawla and Cronje were named in the crime branch's 70-page charge sheet. The fixed matches were played between India and South Africa from 16 February 2000 to 20 March 2020. The case came to light in April 2000. When the Delhi Police intercepted the conversation between the Black Listed. During this time it was revealed that South African captain Cronje had taken money to lose the match. 

Two England players also accused of offering money

Chawla is also accused of offering money to two England players in August 1999. In the first week of March 2000, Chawla went to Britain as soon as the Delhi Police registered an FIR. He first went there on a business visa in 1996, but his Indian passport was canceled in 2000 and he received a British passport in 2005. 

Arrested in London in 2016

According to reports, on 14 June 2016, Chawla was arrested in London following India's request for extradition and UK authorities sought details of security arrangements and facilities at the jail from Delhi Police. This was done after Chawla questioned security and facilities in Indian jails. 

Chawla was the main bookie for D-Company

London businessman Sanjeev Chawla, who became a major bookie for the D-Company in the late 1990s, would be the second person to extradite from London. Britain signed an extradition treaty with India in 1992. According to sources, Chawla ran a betting syndicate in the 1990-s under the patronage of some Mumbai-based businessmen and D-Company.

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The fixing scandal got the protection of D-Company.

Chawla is accused of fixing matches through big cricketers from South Africa, India, Pakistan and other countries. The black business of fixing was carried out through hawala transactions by D-Company. The fixing scandal was patronized by Dawood Ibrahim and his henchman Chhota Shakeel. As reported by the Daily Mail, Chawla was living in London with his wife and two young sons for the last 10 years. Six bedroom property in Temple Fortune, North London. She has a catering business in Kennington, south-east London.

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