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#Covid 19 - Will you be at risk of getting coronavirus if you have sex now?

Will you be at risk of getting coronavirus if you have sex now?

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You may have this question in your mind, but you are ashamed to say it.
To dispel misconceptions about this, the BBC put some questions to two experts.
One of these experts said. Alex George. He is a physician at a large hospital in Britain. Another, Alex Fox, writes about sex.

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Is sex safe during the coronavirus epidemic?

Dr. Alex George: If you are in a relationship and the two are in the same house and within the same familiar boundaries, there is no reason to worry.
However, if any of the symptoms of coronavirus are found in the body of one of the two, then the distance should be made immediately. Whoever has symptoms in his body, he has to go home in 'isolation'.
Alex Fox: It's not fair to think that if you have a few symptoms in your body, it won't affect your partner. Stay away from him as soon as symptoms appear.
Is it okay to have a relationship with a new partner now?
Dr. Alex George: I wouldn't suggest any new sex at this time. Because in that case the risk of getting infected with the virus is high.
Alex Fox: To keep you in mind, many people have this virus in their body, but there are no symptoms. As a result, you may feel that there is no problem. But even then you might infect another.
And anyone who comes in contact with your infected partner will be in danger. So now it is safe to avoid trying to make a new partner.
I recently kissed someone whose body later showed symptoms of coronavirus. What do I do now?
Dr. Alex George: If you see someone kissing or coming in contact with someone who has symptoms later on, isolate yourself immediately.
Then keep an eye on your body. If you see symptoms in your body, be careful.
Alex Fox: We need to be responsible for ourselves and for each other. If you have any symptoms on your body and if you have recently kissed someone, you should tell them about your symptoms.
Similarly, if you are kissing someone who has symptoms later on in your body, then you should know yourself and differentiate yourself from others.


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Can coronavirus infection be caused by touching the genitals?

Dr. Alex George: If you touch each other's genitals, most likely you are kissing each other at the same time. And we know the virus spreads through saliva in the mouth.
As a result, there is a high risk of getting the virus from your mouth to your hands, then to someone else's genitals, then from there through your hands to your nose and mouth. As a result, it is best not to have sex with someone you do not live with.
But how do I maintain a relationship at this point, because I don't want to be alone now?
Alex Fox: Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many people are now rethinking what a good sex life is. Many people are behaving very creatively.
I've heard a lot of people exchange sexually provocative writing. Many lovers are dating in different places.
In fact, if you show a little creativity, you can enjoy sex without having to face anyone by increasing your imagination.

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