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surprising for doctors- Successful treatment of coronavirus infection by a person over 100 years old in Ethiopia

News from BBC-  Successful treatment of coronavirus infection by a person over 100 years old in Ethiopia is also surprising for doctors. A doctor who treated him told the BBC.
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The family of Aba Tilahun Waldemikal says that he is 114 years old. That is, he is the oldest person in the world. However there is no birth certificate to confirm his age.

Corona virus is considered to be a big problem for people above 80 years of age and they have little chance of survival.

More than 100 years of age, this person is now being looked after in his house.

Aba Tilahun was involved in the corona virus screening happening in the neighborhood and it was found that he was corona positive. He lives with his family in the capital, Addis Ababa.

Doctor Hiluf Abate told the BBC's Newsday program that he was admitted to the hospital after the corona report came positive although he did not show signs of corona until then.

He said that the medical team showed readiness and started treating the elderly man. The medical team was closely monitoring his condition.

Dr. Hiluf explains that Aba Tilahun's condition deteriorated within four days of being admitted to the hospital because by then the virus had greatly affected his body and he needed to be given oxygen.

Aba Tilahun spent a total of 14 days in the Yeka Kotebe Hospital, of which he was in oxygen support for more than a week.

Strict restrictions have been put in place to prevent the spread of corona virus infection in Ethiopia. So far, the total cases of infection are more than 5000 and so far 81 people have died.

However, the Yekota Kotebe Hospital has not confirmed that the patient's age is 114 years. The medical team there says that they are over 100 years old and it is certain that their age is around 109 years.

He settled in Adis Ababa from southern Ethiopia in his youth. While living here, the country has seen many ups and downs.

He has seen the empire of Italy between the years 1935 and 1941 and also seen the removal of ruler Haley Selasai from power in 1974. Apart from this, the end of Marxist Derg regime in the year 1991 and now the era of Corona epidemic is also in front of them.

For many years he lived a simple life as a monk in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. The word 'Aba' in his name means 'father'.

His 25-year-old grandson Binayam Lulseged Tilahun told the BBC that,

Image credit BBC ,Google
During his youth, he has done many things as an electrician, painting in homes, helping in small jobs.

He says, 'My grandfather is healthy even after being so old and was living well. However, due to the effect of corona infection, his voice has now become weak. ''

In April, Ethiopia imposed an emergency to treat corona and prevent the spread of infection. This led to the closure of schools and playgrounds. Large number of people gathered, sports events were stopped and the number of passengers in public traffic was reduced. However, businesses were not closed here.

News source BBC

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