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Coronavirus-: What is the future of education ?

Coronavirus-switched education: 

What is the future of students without internet?

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Chess coach Anuradha Beniwal devotes her time to coaching students from different continents in Britain and India.

After the outbreak of the coronavirus, his training for affluent students studying in private schools in London and Aboriginal students studying in remote parts of India has become increasingly challenging.

The inability to access the Internet has become one of the biggest challenges in the education of Indian students after the outbreak of coronavirus. Anuradha, who is in London, spoke to the BBC over the phone.

“ We are taking classes in processors like Google Meat or Zoom," says Saikat Mazumdar, professor at Asoka University in Delhi.
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“Some university students in India are facing the problem of internet access, especially in Kashmir and remote areas,” he says.

Most of the private schools in India are starting to classify with the zoom processor.
But parents say this is a temporary arrangement to keep them out of time.
"It seems like it's okay to educate my children through the internet, but it is still a problem for teachers to meet and improve them," says the father of two unnamed schoolchildren.

Whoever speaks to teachers, students, parents of students, this feeling is also reflected in them. Some schools and colleges conduct physical examination every time students enter.
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But in a country like India where people are socially and economically diverse, such misconceptions can make students feel different.

Education through the Internet may be the new trend

Education through the Internet may be the new trend. There is no news yet and she is very depressed as she is paralyzed at home all day, ”says Radha.

The structure and future challenges of the Covit-19 post-mortem education system are intertwined with the practice of the Anuradha lesson and the study of Radha's daughter.
This online education system, which is only possible in specific schools in the city, compels educators in India to explore ways to get more students enrolled.

Ritesh Singh, founder of a learning platform called Ecovation. “Online education is going to continue, but it will never be a substitute for schools,” says Singh.
He has developed a processor called Unnayan, which enables over 12 lakh students to study in 8 Indian states.

He is also the recipient of the award for innovating the Indian Prime Minister's science for creating this processor.
In order for the lesson to be successful in the Internet, she says that every child needs to be taught according to their needs and circumstances.

"For example, a child from a remote village in India and a child in Delhi, who has access to the Internet, do not know that teaching video by video is equally important; Running with the slogan "My cell phone is my school", the processor offers lessons for students.

The question of how to reach Indian students in the post-epidemic world of internet education in an environment where there is no internet connection is a rallying point for speakers all over India.
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Because of this, Ritesh and his team started using television as their base.

Their syllabus is broadcast in different states and our syllabus for students of 9th to 12th grade is being broadcast on Doordarshan Television from April 20 in Bihar and Jharkhand.

This has resulted in good results, ”he says, adding that we are currently preparing programs for students in middle school and middle classes.

"We are currently in talks with the Rajasthan state government to conduct a TV lesson for students studying from the sixth to twelfth standard," says Ritesh.
But it is practically problematic to sit in front of the students and study the lesson.
Television should be on everyone.

“Our future plan is to reach out to students through the WhatsApp processor and send them syllabus.

"Most of the 380 students studying at our school come from a very disadvantaged economic environment. She says schools should now consider how to improve children's lives.

His school focuses on skills development and innovative thinking.
Students learn the science of farming, entrepreneurship and artwork through the process.

He believes that there is a greater need now to create jobs for students than for job seekers.
“Our main goal is to create capable individuals who know what the problem is and to drive them toward solutions,” he says.

Now another important question arises. Because their parents carry a cell phone with them when they go to work, the students are able to study the Internet-only education in the evenings.
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"We work till the end of the night, because then we can solve the doubts of the students. .

His team learned about the children's educational facilities in their respective villages when delivering milk powder and lunch packets to the children.

"If a student does not have access to the Internet, we have made sure that we can educate them through other people who are in touch with us, but it is still challenging for teachers to go and help them improve," says Hooda.

Educators and experts feel that the biggest challenge in the post-Covid world is that the school, large or small, can provide teachers and students with the skills they need without direct contact.
Education is currently facing a revolution.The final solution is yet to come .

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