Sunday, July 26, 2020

Could this mean we're in for an earthquake? See where it was caught :- Have you seen a fish that is 13 feet long before?

Could this mean we're in for an earthquake? 

See where it was caught :-

Have you seen a fish that is 13 feet long before?

WEB DESK SPECIAL- By -Prabir Rai Chaudhuri

Pictures of huge tall snakes often come to the fore on social media . But there is not a single picture of a fish as tall as that snake . Such a picture of a fish is viral on social media. The length of the fish is about 13 feet.

Pictures of fish that have gone viral are not uncommon on the Internet. The name of these fish is Orphish. They are known to be up to 26 feet tall. A recent photo of the fish that went viral has been found on a beach in Baja California , Mexico .

Oarfish Could Signal Earthquake! 

Fernando Cavlin and David de Zebedorski spotted the fish while bathing on the beach on Sunday. They have uploaded a short video with this fish on YouTube. It can be seen that they are holding the fish in shallow water. The water is so clear that it is not difficult to see the fish. They were very happy to be able to take pictures with a fish, it was clear from their expression. The video, which was posted on July 19, has received about two and a half thousand views.

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