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Ganga-Godavari will be cleared with biotech system, IIT BHU will help

Ganga-Godavari will be cleared 

with biotech system, IIT BHU will help

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The sewage water falling in the two major rivers of the country will be treated with biotech systems. IIT BHU will play a key role in the scheme. Water falling in the Ganges and Godavari under the India European funded scheme will be rectified with this system.

The biotech system to refurbish Abhishek Jaiswal, Varanasi Ganga and Godavari will be used. IIT BHU will play an important role in clearing the waters of these two rivers of the country.

The Indo-European funded project will use biotech systems to treat sewage water falling into the Ganges and Godavari rivers. Cooperation of IIT BHU will be taken to develop biotech system based water treatment system.

IIT BHU Director Professor Pramod Kumar Jain said that under the scheme, the institute has to prepare a prototype model of low cost advanced bio-oxidation treatment system to discharge sewage water into the Ganges and Godavari rivers. In this project, IFS BHU's Civil Engineering Department will have an important role. Along with this, apart from IIT BHU, IIT Guwahati, IIT Kharagpur and other educational and research institutes will also support this scheme.

Pramod Kumar Jain said that integrated remote sensing will be used for the desalination of river Ganga in Varanasi. Apart from this, sewage water falling in the Ganges river will be treated using biotech systems in some selected places. IIT BHU has targeted to cover major sources of pollution ranging from the upstream of Varanasi city to the confluence of the Gomti River. Along with this, the river Asi and Varuna are also part of the study on which work will start soon.

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