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Know, what is the importance of Guru Poornima…

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The festival of Guru Purnima is celebrated with reverence and enthusiasm on the full moon day of Ashadh Shukla Paksha. This festival is dedicated to the importance of Guru in life. In Sikhism too, Guru is considered to be God, therefore Guru Purnima has also become an important festival of Sikhism.

The full moon of Ashadh Shukla Paksha is celebrated with enthusiasm all over the country as Guru Purnima. There have been many learned gurus in India, but Maharishi Veda Vyas was the first scholar who explained the four Vedas of Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism).
Sikhism considers only one God and the speech of its ten gurus as the real truth of life

What is recognition

 It is said that Adi Guru Ved Vyas was born on Ashada Purnima. In his honor, the full moon of Ashadh month is celebrated as Guru Purnima. But the deeper meaning should be seen because the full moon that falls in the month of Ashadh is not known. Clouds can be enveloped in the sky and it is very possible that the moon may not be seen.

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What full moon without moon! Can you ever imagine? Without the moon's flickering rays, what would be the meaning of a full moon? If a full moon is mentioned then it is of Sharad Purnima, then why should not the full moon day of Sharad be considered superior because on that day the fullness of the moon captivates the mind. But the importance of Ashada Purnima is more because it has special significance.

Why is the full moon of Ashada the Guru Purnima

There is a deep meaning behind choosing the full moon of Ashadha. It means that the Guru is like a full moon moon, which is full of light and the disciple is like the clouds of Ashada. In Ashadha, the moon is surrounded by clouds like the Guru is surrounded by disciples like clouds. Disciples can be of all types, are covered with the darkness of births. They are just like dark clouds. In that too, the Guru can shine like the moon, and in that dark environment, light can be awakened, only then is the superiority of the Guru post. That is why the full moon of Ashada has importance! In this, there is a hint towards the Guru and also towards the disciple. This is an indication that where both meet, there is some meaning.

Importance of Guru Purnima festival

This festival is ideal to tell the importance of guru and teacher in life to the next generation. Vyasa Purnima or Guru Purnima should not be celebrated on the basis of superstition but with reverence.
Guru's blessings are beneficial and enlightening for everyone, so on this day, after Guru Pujan, Guru's blessings should be obtained. The importance of this festival in Sikhism is more because the ten gurus have been very important in Sikh history.


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