Sunday, July 5, 2020

Immunity Booster -Eat foods rich in these vitamins, immunity will increase continuously

These super foods make the immune system strong 

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Garlic: Garlic is also anti-allergic. ...
Lemon: Vitamin-C and anti-oxidants found in lemon strengthen the immune system. ...
Turmeric-Ginger: The anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compound found in turmeric and ginger fights allergies.

22 foods that boost the immune system

In the age of the coronavirus pandemic, there are steps you can take toward helping your immune system stay strong and healthy. Getting enough sleep, controlling stress and exercising are all things you can do, along with thorough hand washing and avoiding touching your hands to your face.Eating a diet that's high in fruits, vegetables and whole grains is also important, especially when it includes some of these foods that naturally give your immune system a boost.
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