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Internet connections were briefly down across the USA for Spectrum customers.Read details-

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Internet Connections Were Briefly Down Across The Country For Spectrum CustomersJul 30, 2020, 09:22 IST. Internet connection for Spectrum customers was briefly down across the country and affecting users from Southern California to New York.

The outage began at around 7:00 p.m. PST and was briefly back online for a few minutes before going out again.

The service tracker Downdetector reported nearly 60,000 cases outages in states like New York, California, Ohio, Florida, and South Carolina.

Spectrum is a broadband company within the Charter Communications line.

Charter Communications provides broadband services to over 29 million people in 41 states.

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Largest Internet providers in the United States

  • AT&T Internet Services.
  • Sparklight.
  • CenturyLink.
  • Charter Communications (including Bright House Networks and Spectrum formerly Time Warner Cable)
  • Comcast High Speed Internet (also known as Xfinity)
  • Consolidated Communications (including FairPoint Communications and SureWest)

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In the world we live in, high-speed Internet service has become as vital as other public services like water and electricity. In the following table, we show you the different types of Internet services ranked from fastest to slowest:

COMPARISON OF INTERNET SERVICE TYPES Connection type Typical bandwidth (Mbps) Price range (per month)-  

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Connection type
Typical bandwidth (Mbps)
Price range (per month)
There are many variables involved in choosing an Internet service provider and Internet packages. This can mean high prices,
Advantages of the cable:

Short Comparison of-

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• Dedicated, independent and always active connection
• Faster and more reliable than DSL, satellite or telephone (dial-up) Internet services
• It works well with data intensive applications like streaming video and online video games.
Disadvantages of the cable:

• Neighborhoods share bandwidth, so intensive use by other users can reduce connection speed during peak hours
• Installation and monthly service fees can be high
• Not available everywhere

Most cable companies charge between $ 50 and $ 150 a month for service, depending on where you live and the level of service you choose. As with the various types of Internet service, and with each service provider, these speeds vary from case to case.
One silver lining is that cable Internet service generally has no data limits, meaning you can use as much bandwidth as you like without being subject to excess usage fees that affect other types of service. A positive thing about this service is that the only requirement for dial-up access is to have telephone service: if you have a landline, you can access the Internet.

Advantages of dial-up:
• Economic
• Works with a fixed phone line
• Multiple providers
• Wide availability
Disadvantages of dial-up:
• Some plans limit the number of hours you can be online
• Extremely slow download and upload speeds
• You cannot use the phone and the Internet at the same time (unless you have more than one line)
• Requires a landline phone

But, as people of a certain age who used the old services of AOL, Prodigy and other similar companies that offered dial-up will remember, the connection is extremely ... More common in rural areas that do not have reliable wired Internet service but where cell towers abound, fixed wireless LTE service requires the installation of a special antenna in or near your home.

Advantages of Fixed Wireless LTE:

• Provides decent broadband Internet service in rural and remote regions
• Does not require cable infrastructure connected to your home
Disadvantages of fixed wireless LTE:
• Requires professional antenna setup and configuration
• Physical and geographic obstacles can slow you down
• It can be expensive and / or require a multi-year service contract
• Often subject to data limits and / or high fees for excessive data use
• Longer latency times than faster wired services like cable and fiber optics
Over time, the new generation of wireless internet, 5G, will hit some fixed wireless networks. After that time, the company will charge $ 499 for special 5G Wi-Fi access points, plus $ 70 a month for a broadband plan with a 15GB data limit.
For now, implementation continues.

Tips for selecting an Internet service provider

• Check with your neighbors: Ask other people in your area what services and providers they are using (and avoiding using).
• If possible, buy your own modem / router: Many providers charge an additional fee to rent a modem / router combination and you could possibly save yourself a few dollars (and improve its speed and performance) with a better and more modern router than the one you use. the price you will pay after that period is the actual price of your service.
• Watch out for data limits: If you exceed your plan's monthly data download limit, you could end up paying expensive fees for excessive use.
• Haggle for a lower bill: If there are multiple service providers in your area, you can use an offer from an alternative provider to lower the current price of your monthly service.
• Consider canceling your cable service for additional savings - check out list of the best live TV streaming services .

Other things to consider about Internet service

The slowest component of your home network system - which includes your modem, your router, the device in use (for example, your set-top box, your laptop or your phone) and your service provider - will ultimately determine the speed and power of your connection. A super-fast router won't improve the performance of a laptop with older network hardware, and a slow Internet service will limit all your online activities, from using streaming services like Netflix and Spotify, to browsing the web and sending emails.

In addition to the type of service you choose, there are many other factors that determine the quality and speed of your Internet connection.

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