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COVID 19 -Is it possible for coronavirus to affect the brain?

If you think Covid-19 is just a respiratory disease, you're wrong.

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As the days go by, it is becoming more and more clear that coronavirus causes a variety of problems in the human brain and nervous system.
These include strokes, mental disorders, delirium, delusions, fatigue, and anxiety - scientists see this list of coronavirus-induced neurological problems not ending.

The symptoms of coronavirus infection are relatively mild –

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many are complaining that they can't remember much, some are feeling depressed, and many are not able to concentrate on anything as before.
And for those who have had a stroke, what the doctors have seen is terrifying.

That was the case with Paul Miller-

Paul Miller, director of communications at Cambridge University, suffered two strokes after being infected with the coronavirus.
Consultant neurologist Dr. treated him after the stroke. Arvind Chandradeva.

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He said the ambulance came with Paul just as he was leaving the hospital to return home.

"Paul had an expressionless expression on his face, he could only see to one side, he couldn't remember how to use his mobile phone, or what his passcode was. “

After the second stroke, blood could not reach a part of Paul's brain.
Dr. Chandradeva said that there is an indicator to measure the amount of blood clotting which is called D-dimer. In healthy people it is less than 300. But in the case of stroke patients it goes up to 1000.
But in the case of Paul Miller, it exceeded 80,000, which is almost unbelievable.

"I have never seen such a thing. In response to the coronavirus infection, something happened in his body that made his blood clot and become sticky, ”says Dr. Chandradeva.
Dr. Within two weeks, six people with Kovid-19 were admitted to Chandradeva Hospital NHNN - who had suffered a stroke. Each of them had severe blood clots.
One of the reasons for this is: the body's immune system becomes overactive after a coronavirus infection - causing inflammation in the body and brain.
Doctors thought 74-year-old Paul Miller might not survive a double stroke, or become paralyzed. His wife and daughters thought so too. But he has recovered well.

He can still speak multiple languages well, but can't read as fast as before, and sometimes he forgets things.
The Lancet survey
A survey by The Lancet Psychiatry found brain complications in 125 Covid-19 patients treated at a UK hospital.

About half of these 125 people had a stroke due to a blood clot, others had encephalitis, some had symptoms of dementia - some had a mental illness.
Tom Solomon, a professor at the University of Liverpool who co-authored the report, said: "We used to think that coronaviruses attack the lungs, but now it's clear that they can cause brain problems as well."

"One of the reasons is a lack of oxygen to the brain, in addition to blood clots, and inflammation caused by over-activation of the immune system. We also need to ask whether the virus itself is infecting the brain. ”
Canadian neuroscientist Professor Adrian Owen has launched an online survey that will lead a worldwide study of how coronaviruses adversely affect cognition.

"Nervous system disease has been linked to SARS and Mars viruses before - but I've never seen anything like this in the case of this new coronavirus," said Michael Jandi, a neurologist at NHNN.
"It simply came to our notice then. In the 15-20 years after the epidemic, there were a lot of problems with people with brain diseases. ”
Towards the end of World War I, in 1918, a mysterious disease called encephalitis lethargy spread around the world - affecting about one million people.

There is not much evidence about the cause. This can lead to problems such as anesthesia and Parkinson's disease in those affected - so that they can suffer for the rest of their lives.
Care must be taken to compare the Covid-19 and the Spanish flu of 1917.
But the symptoms of nervous system problems in Kovid patients are so common that it is very important to find out what the long-term response will be.
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