Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Michael Bay-'Songbird’ becomes first film to shoot in LA post coronavirus lockdown

Michael Bay’s Pandemic Thriller ‘Songbird’ 

Becomes first film to shoot in LA post coronavirus lockdown: 

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MANUSHER BHASHA WEB DESK :- Pandemic themed thriller 'Songbird' produced by Michael Bay is poised to be the first movie to shoot in Los Angeles since the halt in movie productions owing to COVID-19. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the upcoming movie was slapped with a "Do Not Work" notice by SAG-AFTRA on July 2 which was immediately rescinded and has been capturing footage in the weeks before shooting began July 6. "We worked out the safety issues months ago, and we resolved [the latest issue with the unions] over the weekend," the publication cited Bay as saying.
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"I don't even think it had been a security issue. It was a money thing. But we are literally going to be the first film shooting in L.A. And we have a kind of special sauce with how we're doing it where there's zero contact," he added. Actors Demi Moore, Craig Robinson, Paul Walter Hauser, and Peter Stormare are set to take the lead 'Songbird' - a timely pandemic-centric thriller. The upcoming movie will be directed by Adam Mason, who co-wrote the script with Simon Boyes. The movie is about two years within the future during an epidemic lockdown. It tells of the budding love story between a motorbike courier named Nico, who has rare immunity, and Sara, a young artist. However, the main lead roles have yet to be cast. The production plans on using "innovative techniques" to shoot and capture millennial life during the quarantine. Reports ANI 

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