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Nobody agreed to arrest and hang, Mangal Pandey gave this slogan in the war against the British

Nobody agreed to arrest and hang, 

Mangal Pandey gave this slogan in the war against the British

Today was a very important day in the history of freedom struggle. This is because on this day the great revolutionary Mangal Pandey was born. Mangal Pandey started the 1857 revolt against British rule. Mangal Pandey was born in a Brahmin family on July 19, 1827 in Nagwa village in Ballia district, Uttar Pradesh. Pandey's father's name was Diwakar Pandey and mother's name was Abhay Rani.

22-year-old youth was admitted to East India Company

Mangal Pandey was the first person who not only raised his voice against the British rule, but also shook the credibility of the British. By the way, Mangal Pandey was admitted to the British East India Company as a soldier. But when he saw that the British East India Company harassed Indians a lot, they opened a front against the British rule. Mangal Pandey was a 1446 infantry soldier of the 34th Bengal Native Infantry in the military cantonment of Barrackpore near Calcutta (Kolkata). When he was admitted, he was just 22 years old.

When Mangal Pandey refused to take the cartridge

New cartridges were to be distributed among the soldiers for deployment in the Enfield P-53 rifle in the Army's Bengal unit. These were cartridges that had to be opened through the mouth before being put into the gun. Meanwhile, news spread that the fat of cow and pig has been used in the cartridges given to the soldiers. Now there were Hindus in the army as well as Muslims. For Hindus, cow is like mother. In such a situation, it was a sin for them to mouth these cartridges and Muslims could not put a pig's fat on them. These cartridges were also given to Mangal Pandey. But he refused to take them.

Rumor round 

The British planned to disarm the regiment due to refusing to use cartridges. Meanwhile, Mangal Pandey had started knocking the British rule. He was so angry against the British Raj that he rebelled. It is said that there was also a rumor behind the revolt of 1857, in which it was said that a large number of European soldiers are coming to kill Indian soldiers.

Kim A. Wagner has written the rumor in great detail in her book 'The Great Fear of 1857 - Rumors, Conspiracy and Making of the Indian Upsizing'. Wagner writes - "There was fear in the minds of soldiers. Knowing their fear, Major General JB Hiercey called the rumors of European soldiers attacking the Indian soldiers, but it is possible that Hiercei has confirmed the rumors by reaching the soldiers and spoiled the situation. The soldiers who were terrorized by this speech of Major General were Mangal Pandey of 34th Bengal Native Infantry. "

Bugle of freedom struggle blew on March 29, 1857

March 29, 1857 was the same day when Mangal Pandey blew the first trumpet of the freedom struggle against the British rule. Wagner further writes- "It was 4 o'clock in the evening. Mangal Pandey was cleaning the gun in his tent. After a while he came to know about European soldiers. Mangal Pandey, who was affected by restlessness and intoxication of cannabis, was gripped by panic among the soldiers. Wearing his official jacket, hat and dhoti, Mangal Pandey ran towards the parade ground near the quarter guard building with his sword and gun. "

 Mangal Pandey's slogan - 'Mare Firangi Ko'

When the British officers tried to control Mangal Pandey, he attacked Sergeant Major Hvisan and Adjutant Lieutenant Banpade Bagh. After this, the general ordered the arrest of Mangal Pandey, but all the soldiers, except one soldier Sheikh Paltu, refused to arrest Mangal Pandey. Mangal Pandey gave the slogan 'Mare Firangi Ko'. The first slogan against the Firangi was derived from the tongue of Mangal Pandey.

When the executioners refused to hang Pandey

April 18, 1857, this day was called for the hanging of Mangal Pandey. It is said that when Mangal Pandey was brought to be hanged, the executioners of Barrackpore jail refused to paint his hands with his blood. After this, the British government had to call the executioner from Calcutta. Mangal Pandi may have been martyred, but what he had lit against the British rule within the Indian people, he lived for many years. And the result was that the British rule had to leave India one day.

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