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Today is World Chocolate Day 2020:

A day to celebrate all things with chocolate. Also a date on which you check eat chocolate guilt-free! Below, we share some locations around Australia at which you can enjoy World Chocolate Day and some online locations you can order some indulgent chocolates from online.
Belgian joy Carol Templeton, Sales & Marketing Manager at Belgian Delights speaks that they “ conche Australia’s elegant chocolate for World Chocolate Day 2020! We don’t do anything spare as we guess of basic to be Chocolate day. 

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WHAT follows BELGIAN pleasure CHOCOLATE specific ?

We conche our personal chocolate on site, various other companies get the chocolate in and liquefy it down to make their goods, we make our own here to a family recipe all done by Belgian born and trained chocolatiers. Our cocoa content is also higher compared to most brands, our milk chocolate is 37% and our dark is 63%.


I would recommend our beautifully crafted 63% black chocolate. It is gluten free, GMO free, no artificial colours or flavours, so this results in smooth couverture chocolate that is sought after by high end customers.

Chocolate No. five

 World Chocolate Day falls on a Tuesday this year when Chocolate No. 5’s shop is not open but they will be busy making chocolates to fill their orders.


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What fills my chocolate specific is the authenticity behind production. Everything which I vend in my outlet is handmade by me on site, an except for a scarce “onclusions” in my offerings, all fillings are made from scratch by me, even down to drying some of the fruit which I use on my chocolate bars. I also, as far as humanly possible, attempt to source all ingredients as locally as possible, right down to the rosemary which I use on one of my bars, which I grow myself.


 For creation Chocolate Day, I would recommend a box of complex truffles and pralines, thereby getting the best of all my products in one full hit! But if chocolate bars are your thing, I would say go for my brand new Citrus Martini bar, but be warned, they sell out fast! Also, one of my explicit favourites, my Tawny place bon bon!

Godiva specific give FOR planet CHOCOLATE DAY two thousand and twenty Godiva is reveling nature Chocolate Day by offering a clear soft ice cream with all orders over $ 20 in its cafes at Doncaster and Chadstone on 7th of July.

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Godiva speak that their “ chocolate is specific as it is wealthy in history. Our author Pierre Draps first aim up Godiva in 1926, meticulously crafting pralines from his home kitchen in Brussels. In those ninety-four years, Godiva has has raised to become the formal chocolatier to the Belgian Royal Court, gaining a reputation for mastery across the globe. It was included into the Australian performance in two thousand and seventeen when our Emporium store opened, with two elder to follow. We engage each and every one of you to expertise the legend for yourself. ”


 Godiva’s silver Collection is crafted using only the fancy of ingredients. This curated contribution of chocolates guides your taste buds through some of chocolate’s most fearless and worldly expressions. Enjoy our beautiful Belgian chocolate this World Chocolate Day! spoil Chocolates planet CHOCOLATE DAY two thousand and twenty Apart from dedicating all bread chocolate, Indulge Chocolate are launching a new chocolate bar for World Chocolate Day 2020!


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Apart from the love we put into every batch we make, we use local products wherever possible and our honeycomb is made of beautiful local honey.


The production we would recommend for World Chocolate Day is our recent honeycomb bar. Delicious honeycomb pieces encased in Callebaut milk chocolate and dusted with gold. QQ La Praline creation CHOCOLATE DAY two thousand and twenty specific advise QQ La Praline will showcase its Country of Origin chocolate collection for World Chocolate Day. They have a specific cost for a bundle of five country origin for $21.99 instead of $ 28. take the custom QQWCD2020.


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 Laure Martinelli, inventor of QQ La Praline says: Our chocolates are specific because of: – their medium size (35g to 45g) : that encourages multiple tastings without the commitment of a 100g of one unique flavour to eat up. – Their lanky and environmentally sociable packaging: recycled newspaper and foil. No plastic nor flowery certain box. What result up in the bin counts for lower than 10% of the bar when the market’s standard is twice higher. Printed here in Melbourne. – Premium Quality: We only use premium Belgian Couverture chocolate with no Palm oil nor GMO. Our inclusions are sourced among the best suppliers in Australia. 

 FOR WORLD CHOCOLATE DAY two thousand and twenty 

For creation Chocolate Day I would recommend our Country of Origins collection. These are pure chocolate sourced across the world and is a great way to discover how different the taste can be depending upon the “terroir” the cocoa tree is from and the variety of flavours you can get out of the same plant. The House of Anvers Anvers Chocolates urge highlight World Chocolate Day two thousand and twenty through its social pages. Like Thomas from Lindt, Adam Matthews at Anvers speaks “ ordinary is Chocolate Day at The House Of Anvers. ”


The Belgian style recipes, the Anvers signature chocolate which is cause specially to Igor Van Gerwen’s specifications. The couverture chocolate we use is of the highest quality, and together with our local ingredients, dairy etc, together they match to be ultimate experience. 

planet CHOCOLATE DAY 2020 reference

 I would recommend our Fortunato No.4 black 68% & Milk 47% chocolate. This is exclusive to Igor Van Gerwen in the Southern Hemisphere. 
AUSTRALIA large LindtThomas Schnetzler, Master Chocolatier at Lindt & Sprüngli Australia says that every day is chocolate day for them at Lindt. 

creation CHOCOLATE DAY 2020 specific advise

 We do have a specific advise for a limited moment only, where we offering new subscribers to our Shops and Cafés newsletter an exclusive 40% off any large takeaway Lindt Signature Hot Chocolate. sure is the perfect time of year to indulge in delicious Lindt Hot Chocolate. Find your closest Lindt store.


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We are a chocolate company that is making chocolate from bean to bar which gives us control over every step in the process. We select the finest ingredients to go into our chocolate and for example- we roast the nuts in house for freshness and incorporate them freshly roasted into chocolate. And to this day, final touches like the almonds on top our pralines and the ribbons that embellish each Gold Bunny are all placed there by hand. In 1879, Rodolphe Lindt changed the chocolate making process, with the invention of conching. It’s how we achieve the sticker velvety soft texture that sets us apart, and that people have come to expect from Lindt chocolate. Now, every chocolate is conched in one way or another. All of this together- we invite the Lindt change


 The nice thing about a chocolate like Lindt is that there is a product for every taste. Be that the intensity and complex flavour of pure, high cocoa percentage chocolate such as Lindt Excellence 85% Cocoa – Irresistibly smooth melting Lindor – Decadent creamy milk chocolate with whole roasted nuts or the a fine hot chocolate- there is a Lindt chocolate for every taste. Why not celebrate World Chocolate day by discovering a new Lindt favourite? 

ADELAIDE -The varnish Man Alex, aka The Sugar Man says: This term has been a bit rare for food and hospitality industries, so we’ve been using our down time to nose dive into latest flavour experiments and trials. Although we haven’t responded a specific update for world chocolate day (as we have in the past), we’ve been celebrating instead by experimenting with flavours that truly let chocolate sing and be the hero. Chocolate check be a complicated ingredient, but if chocolate were a person, she would look good even in a potato sack. …in all honesty, every day is world chocolate day for us ;). Our two new flavours are a celebration of chocolate:– Salted Dulce De Leche in 72% Venezuela Dark Chocolate– Peanut Butter on Toast in 41% Milk ChocolateBoth are available at Belair Fine Wines, Smelly Cheese Shop and East End Cellars. More flavours will be released soon.


We usage the best French chocolate we check get our hands on and source the best Australian produce to match. All chocolate bars are made fresh to order and are handmade in small batches in the Adelaide Hills. All the pepper and fillings we use in the chocolate bars are house made. From the peanut butter, to the Dulce de leche, to the sourdough (which has a two day baking process). It’s all about showcasing pepper and textures; sometimes it will takes weeks of trial and error and experimenting to achieve the result we want. 


 commemorate chocolate in its several forms for world chocolate day! Start with either of our new chocolate bar flavours for classically indulgent flavours that complement the flavour profile of cocoa.

 If you still haven’ t had your fill, here’s a vast recipe for my chocolate and pear tarte tatin:  Pear and chocolate tarte tatin 100g caster sugar 80g salteded butter, diced 40g 80% black chocolate, ground into pieces four large unripe pears- peeled, cored and cut in halves (around 800g in weight)Butter puff pastry – I highly suggest Careme puff pastry (available at selected grocers and most Foodland stores)Serve with good quality vanilla bean ice cream or whipped creamPreheat your oven to 190 degrees. While the oven is preheating, stand an oven evidence profound frying pan over a medium heat. Once the pan is heated, engulf in the sugar, keeping the heat medium to low. sew now and then while the varnish begins to melt. Caramelise the sugar until it’s a deep golden colour, but careful not to take it too far! accept the pan off the heat when the caramel is ready. Next, grab your butter and a whisk. append the butter to the caramel and whisk the mixture briskly to combine the two ingredients. Then add the 80% dark chocolate, using the whisk to stir the mixture and help the sauce come together. append your pears to the caramel, cut side up. end the pan aside until needed. Don’t bother if the pears go brown form being exposed to air; their glossy caramel coat will soon disguise this. grime the puff pastry with some flour and roll out your puff pastry to the equal size as your pan (use a similar sized plate as a guide) with an approximate 0.5cm thickness. Drape the pie over the pears and carefully tuck them into bed by gently pushing the edges of the pastry down the sides of the pan. result the pan in the heated oven and wipe for 20-25 minutes, or until golden brown and crisp on top. Once the tarte tatin is done, leave it to cool for a few minutes. Now for the company trick. locate a leaf that is huge enough to place over the frying pan. Place it on top of the pan, and very carefully flip the tarte tatin onto the plate so that the pears are now on display, gloriously glossy and tender. Cut into portions and serve with vanilla bean ice cream or whipped cream. If you check still move your limbs, you are not done yet.

Why not round the day off with a boozy, spiced hot chocolate – perfect cure for winter chills.


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Godiva is reveling nature Chocolate Day by offering a clear soft ice cream with all orders over $ 20 in its cafes at Doncaster and Chadstone on 7th of July. Monsieur TruffeMonsieur Truffe isn’t doing in particular for World Chocolate Day 2020 but their handmade chocolates are a delicious option to celebrate the day. What makes their chocolate special? I guess that one of the main player is the quality ingredients that we use, we spend a lot of time researching to get the best probable option. Everything that we do is handmade with a yard of care and love, I guess that people can feel this when they eat our products. There is a lot of thought about making the most delicious experience in each bite of chocolate. What’s their best product? I guess that one of our best production is our gianduja. We stone place Italian hazelnuts from Piedmont to run this fantastic bar and it ’s one of our best selling products.

 SYDNEY Choc et Moi Choc et Moi yeing be available from 7am to 4pm today, World Chocolate Day and will offer a praline, truffle or orangette to their clients.


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Our chocolate is an principled (cacao-trace) Belgian chocolate, all of our products are made in store by a Belgian chocolatier and we organise degustations and workshops for children and adults every week to learn all about chocolate! RECOMMENDATION FOR WORLD CHOCOLATE DAYCome taste a great Belgian hot chocolate with a selection of truffles, perfect to tolerate Winter in Sydney! Nina’s Chocolates (Gymea) The Nina’s team provide magic to Nina’s Chocolates everyday. We claw run and hand pack all our chocolates using premium Belgian chocolate. We make over 120 different varieties.


Hand made with passion and love using the finest ingredients. endorsement FOR WORLD CHOCOLATE DAY two thousand and twenty Mon Cherry – cherry liqueur, luscious black chocolate encasing a liquid liqueur with a rich ripe cherry What’s your favourite chocolate type? Happy World Chocolate Day 2020!

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