Thursday, July 30, 2020

WATCH LIVE - NASA Goes Looking For Tiny Ancient Martians. # Trending on Google.NASA launch its next rover to Mars

NASA Goes Looking For Tiny Ancient Martians.# Trending on Google
NASA launch its next rover to Mars

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  • Should the Perseverance rover find it, this time there will be no premature celebration: The evidence will come back to Earth for examination first.


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  • Orbiting spacecraft have found the imprints of dried-up waterways; the Curiosity rover, America's previous emissary, dropped into a crater and found evidence of an ancient lake, with traces of organic molecules hidden in its soil.

  • The Perseverance rover will land inside a crater called Jezero, where, between 3 billion and 4 billion years ago, a river flowed into a lake the size of Lake Tahoe.

  • In 2028, another rover will fetch the tubes and transfer them to a nearby rocket, which will launch to an orbiter circling overhead, becoming the first rocket to lift off another planet.

If this ambitious sequence goes as planned, NASA, together with the European Space Agency, will have transported martian dirt to Earth for the first time.

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