Thursday, July 23, 2020

Watch Now WHO LATEST -Media briefing on COVID-19 . How to break the chains of transmission.

WHO LATEST -Media briefing on COVID-19

How to break the chains of transmission.


WHO LATEST -Media briefing on COVID-19


How to break the chains of transmission.-

WHO says -"No matter where you live or who you are, each of us can help to break the chains of COVID-19 transmission. Watch the video to find out how to protect yourself and others"

By- Prabir Rai Chaudhuri 

Nothing should be hidden from the doctor and the doctor, but people are not accepting it. In such a situation, it is putting a lot on his health. Later when they come back positive in the corona investigation, it is too late. People need to be alert and cautious about corona symptoms at this time.

Due to fear of quarantine, most people are treating it cold and cold, with fever, hiding it. Worries have been raised about the health department wandering from village to village not to become Corona's career by itself. People are feasting on their death because of hiding the merge. The situation is that from the patients who are coming to the Kovid Hospital these days, it is coming to know that when the cold is cold, they should be secretly eating medicine from the medical store. Later his condition became critical.

kill many heavy cities and rural areas. People first take medicine from the medical store in case of a cold. After that, when there is no rest, then the nearest hawks reach the doctor for medicine. To measure the temperature of the fever patients, put a thermometer in the mouth, then remove it and wash it in the normal way. This thermometer is put in the mouth of another patient, reaching another place. The saliva of the former patient goes into the mouth of another patient. Now, if any one of these patients turns out to be corona positive, then there is a risk of becoming a full chain.

instead of hiding the merge, contact a trained doctor. Take medicine only on their advice.
- If anyone comes to your house, first sanitize his hand and then meet him.
- If it is necessary to put thermometer in the mouth, then wash it properly in front of you.
Special care should be taken by whom and how cleanly the medicines are being given.

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