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#Good Morning. Hope- How to live by Yourself- 22 Steps-a complete guide to achieve your dreams!

How to live by YourselfPersonal planning: 22 Steps

A complete guide to achieve your dreams!

Nobody wants to live walking in circles, right? The dream of a prosperous future is part of everyone's life. After all, who doesn't want health, quality of life, professional success and  financial stability for themselves ?

But sometimes we feel that it is not possible to pay attention to all these aspects. As much as we dedicate ourselves, it may seem that we are not rewarded for our effort. This feeling is common especially for those who do not manage their time well.

When we focus on activities that are not linked to our goals, we have the impression that time passes too quickly and we are unable to take advantage of it as we should.

And as long as we continue to use our energy without a specific focus, there will be no changes. In this scenario, a solution capable of making our goals more viable is to create a personal plan.

In order to achieve our goals, we must develop projects like the ones we follow in companies.

It is necessary to organize the steps, prioritize actions that will add to the final objective, define who will be responsible for what, in how long each phase will be executed and how much resources will be needed to make the plan viable.

Saving money is an important goal to achieve many of these wishes. And it’s about the need for proactive organization to save resources that we’ll cover in this article.

Read on and understand the importance of good  short, medium and long term planning . Take advantage of the tips of methods and tools and start to outline your strategy for a full life as soon as possible!

How to live by Yourself ? What is personal planning?Understand the importance of personal financial planning 

Having control over the course of life is not as simple a task as you might think. The main reason that complicates the situation is people's fear of not being able to go further.

Making the right choices turns out to be a dilemma between taking advantage of the now or allocating time and money in planning for the future. Many believe that only the optimist is the one who will get there, who will make an exchange abroad, will be fulfilled in his career,  will leave his parents' house , sow lasting friendships, build a prosperous marriage, buy a car,  finance a property , see children and grandchildren grow in…

But the fact is that we can all achieve these aspirations - and that is enough to have an efficient personal planning. This planning is a means for defining and organizing goals and objectives, with actions aimed at taking them off the paper and bringing them to reality.

To be effective, you need to determine tactics, that is, ways to put it into practice. Provision should be made for the necessary financial resources, in addition to deadlines for reaching each of the established milestones.

In order to facilitate the visualization of something that may seem quite theoretical, imagine the example of the  acquisition of the car . Now look at this desire from the following perspective: I want a new car in six months and I am going to buy it with a  financial reserve  that I will start making now, in addition to bank financing for vehicles.

To  save money  for the entrance, I will give up weekly trips to the cinema and I will also take advantage of my free time to  work as a freelancer  in my field.

Each item specified in this hypothetical case is a component of personal planning. But for this plan to be successful, it will be necessary to have  discipline  to comply with the actions listed as input to reach the final achievement.

How to live by Yourself ? What is the importance of personal planning?

Planning makes any task more productive. When it comes to setting guidelines that will impact your standard and lifestyle, the effort is rewarded with the quicker and more certain achievement of the desired financial ideal.

To elaborate personal planning, it will be necessary to follow a journey of self-knowledge, which will bring you several benefits. This is because new learning, reflections and constant improvement will be necessary.

As a result, improvements in education, career development, relationship optimization, etc. will be observed. Thus, personal planning ends up contributing not only to a better financial condition, but also to  quality of life .

See below why this type of planning has such an impact on individual development, with consequences in other areas of our life!

How to live by Yourself ? Elevates determination

It is one thing to wake up every day to “stick to the schedule”, that is, go to work, take the children to school,  organize the house  and wait for tomorrow to start all over again. Another is to get out of bed knowing that some stage of a larger plan is scheduled for that day.

Elaborating your personal planning will bring a deep knowledge of your life mission. This will make each day lived an added point in what is being traced as necessary to make a dream come true. By fulfilling this commitment to yourself, you will follow with more determination.

How to live by Yourself ? Brings new learning

When analyzing the current way of life and realizing that it is not enough to reach the desired end, it will be necessary to understand the reasons for this insufficiency to assume a new destination. This makes us look at our routine and analyze the efforts allocated, the mistakes made and the new directions that should be taken to improve performance.

From there, our habits need to be adapted to do with what was not possible until today become from now on. This will be a learning experience that can be applied in different situations of our daily lives, especially at work.

How to live by Yourself ?What are the stages of personal planning?

To have an effective personal planning, it is essential that there is honesty with yourself. This is not a plan to keep in the drawer, as it is the life of your dreams that is at stake. So, you have to be willing, make new commitments and give up certain things.

To guide the development of this planning, some steps are important. This sequence will help you organize your ideas and define everything you need to be successful. Follow!

How to live by Yourself ? Preparation

Before starting to list activities and deadlines, we need to go through a process called identity. At this stage, you need to reflect on your lifestyle - and this is not a philosophical reflection

It is important to be able to see answers to central questions such as: what are the roles I play in life? How am I living my relationships? How do I intend to balance myself?

You should ask yourself if you are doing your best in terms of your life, if your full potential is being used, if your time is being used well, if the money you earn is spent properly and if you keep so much how much could and should.

How to live by Yourself ?Definition of purpose

A company that is in the process of structuring strategic planning always establishes its mission, its vision of the future and its values. This should also happen with people. In the personal field, it comes down to what is called the purpose of life.

At this stage, it is necessary to touch on the perception of how you like to do, which is a motivator to continue following, what makes you proud of yourself, etc.

In general, to structure a personal planning that brings balance and achievements, aspects such as career and professional growth must be considered; relationships with family, friends and partner; health and wellness; recreation; new challenges, skills and competences.

How to live by Yourself / Defining objectives and goals

A plan must have a direction and, in the case of personal planning, it must be established where one wishes to go, what one wishes to have or how one wishes to be further ahead. These goals need to be measurable, so it is important that they reflect quantities, values, deadlines to be met.

For example, a goal can be: to be promoted to the second managerial level in the company; triple my current salary; graduating in a language in 4 years; pursue a master's degree in 2 years; buy an apartment in 3 years or retire at 50.

How to live by Yourself- Action plan

If until now we were in phases more focused on self-analysis, now is the time to start planning. Many of us have plans, but we are not always dedicated to tracing the steps to reach them.

And that may be one of the reasons why we haven't been able to move or that we have progressed less than we would like in our goals.

With personal planning this will happen in an organized, strategic and practical way. With the establishment of the goals to be achieved, it will be necessary to list the necessary initiatives to achieve them.

Everything that has been thought should be reflected in concrete actions. To structure these actions, look for them to be specific, objective and attainable.

In this process, it is necessary to understand the difference between the commitments and the tasks assumed. The commitments consist of actions with a determined start and end time.

Tasks, on the other hand, have greater flexibility in relation to schedules, since they can be done over the course of a day or week.

How to live by Yourself ? Monitoring

Still making a parallel with the business universe, what is not controlled is not managed. So, it is necessary to use metrics and indicators to monitor the progress of actions.

The ideal is to schedule yourself to allocate a little more than ten minutes a week for this monitoring. At first, you may need more time, but soon you will be adapted to this routine.

One piece of advice is to set a fixed schedule in your routine and also a place to do it. This should be thought out so that when you are focused there are no interruptions.

The objective here is to notice deviations in routes as soon as possible, as well as to boost those initiatives that are showing positive results and accelerating the planning progress.

Measuring this evolution will be an extremely important element to redirect the path taken whenever it is moving away from the planned focus.

How to live by Yourself ? How can I add to my personal planning?

Sometimes it doesn't seem easy to take the desired turn in life, much less to start such an important planning. After all, we were not trained for this type of posture, are we? That is why it is valid to use learning and support that until now were not part of our reality.

This includes participating in training and events, purchasing  courses  in the segment, following profiles of experts in social networks, reading content and subscribing to newsletters on blogs on the subject, hiring services from experienced professionals and adopting tools to facilitate the preparation and execution of the day plan after day.

A tactic that has been adopted by many people to accelerate this process is to enroll in personal coaching programs, which use specific methods to engage, organize, execute and monitor the actions and goals set.

With the techniques proposed in all these supports, it becomes simpler to know your own reality, prioritize what is really valuable to you and have the discipline to fulfill all the stages programmed in personal planning.

By developing new talents and skills, it is possible to strengthen self-esteem, self-motivation and self-confidence - factors that make all the difference in building results.

And to bring more agility to this whole process, there are several tools that can be adopted to ensure that all types of input relevant to planning are available.

They collaborate in the organization of information, in the reminder of commitments, alert about the proximity of reaching a goal and help to measure the progress of the personal project. The options are many and we will dedicate the next topic just to them!

How to live by Yourself- What tools can help with personal planning?

For those who were very interested in taking charge of their own lives, but do not know where to start, we will list some tools that will be of great use. Many of them can be combined to make the process of carrying out personal planning feasible. Follow!

How to live by Yourself-Analysis of strengths and weaknesses

The business world makes a diagnosis of the organization using a matrix called SWOT, made up of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

And again a theory of Administration can be applied in the personal field. To assess strengths, question your potential for communication, logical reasoning,  personal organization  and creativity.

Also check how your weaknesses are, asking yourself how much your lack of patience is going, your bad time management, your difficulty in organizing and also expressing your opinion.

Also analyze the opportunities that can be used, such as participation in events and training, public policies favorable to your plans, as well as new technologies.

To complete this cycle, it is necessary to anticipate threats, understanding the economic scenario and the possibility of fluctuation, the increase in competition in the profession and changes in laws that may interfere with your daily life.

How to live by Yourself- Financial control

Financial control is an important step in personal planning

When it comes to goal, dream, objective, it is often implied that it will be necessary to obtain financial resources to cover the costs involved.

Learn how to use money well,  save part of your salary , have  extra income . This is all part of the laws of financial education. But be moderate: this cannot stop you from having a light, healthy and happy life.

To combine this need with  quality of life, it  is worth counting on the support of spreadsheets and software to prepare and follow an   effective financial planning .

Just search for keywords on the web or  smartphone app stores and  several options, including free ones, will appear.

How to live by Yourself- Planners

A planner is a support tool in individual or team planning, which helps people achieve more productivity and efficiency.

These technological solutions are practical for managing events, projects and tasks. They allow you to list actions, set deadlines, growth goals, the necessary resources and monitor results.

They usually offer a simple interface and can be accessed directly on the internet and via smartphone, without the need to save to a computer. This mobility facilitates the updating and consultation of data being anywhere, anytime.

What are the essential tips for developing personal planning?
We're almost done with this content, but we still have a few more ideas to encourage you to create your personal plan. Now, we will list tips of relevant initiatives for those who want to start this new phase and make their challenge something feasible and executable!

How to live by Yourself-Analyze your current situation

Look at yourself, at what you've managed to build. Now glimpse where you would like to go and how you would like to be. This measure of the distance between one point and another is a motivator for a robust, but not complicated, plan; disciplined, but not in a cast.

How to live by Yourself-Define priorities

It is useless to create an endless list of goals and objectives, even if all of them are necessary to make a big dream possible, if there is no hierarchy between them.

Prioritizing means choosing the one that has the most weight for you, positively speaking. Consequently, it will be the act of putting those actions that will bring the most value in building what will make you feel fulfilled and fulfilled, in the time horizon you have established.

How to live by Yourself- Record progress

Developing and conducting personal planning is not about performing bureaucratic work, which strictly provides rules, steps and deadlines. As we said, it is much more a process of self-knowledge and use of our individual potential.

Therefore, it is essential to celebrate your achievements. Recording each advance will bring the feeling of being closer and closer to the target, in addition to generating more optimism and the desire to continue following this path that is working.

How to live by Yourself- Improve continuously

The plan is not something immutable, it is just a starting point. Life changes, things change and even our desires are renewed.

That is why it is necessary to seek to be better every day - in planning and execution - in order to keep pace with the new demands that life, work, family and ourselves impose on ourselves.

How to live by Yourself- Be aware of weaknesses

We all have weaknesses, an aspect that we are not so easy to deal with. And this is a saboteur of plans and a dream-breaker.

Being aware of these points of attention is essential so that we can police ourselves and avoid recurring mistakes, failures and falling back into valleys.

Look at yourself and focus on leveraging what is good, strong, productive, differentiated. Remember the SWOT analysis? Always resume the evaluated items.

How to live by Yourself- Challenge yourself

Planning done, monitoring showing that the progress is within the expected. Are you satisfied? Should not! Not that it is a case of being disappointed, but always try to challenge yourself and increase the goal or reduce the deadline to reach your goal.

Take advantage of the fact that you hit the hand and make a force to get further or faster to what you sought so much. It will be the fulfillment of the planned dream and also an unprecedented achievement.

How to live by Yourself- Be the protagonist of your story

When we just let things happen without planning, we run the risk of being taken on bad paths, which can even harm us.

Therefore, personal planning outlines routes that will bring direct benefits to people who decide to take the course of their lives.

Traveling this journey is not always simple, but whoever takes on this challenge reaps fruits in the short, medium and long terms.

Start now, with what you have and where you are from. Invest as much time as you need in pursuing your purpose and allocate all your strength to making it real.

Do not forget that feeling fulfilled is the ideal of most people, but the concept of accomplishment is individual - that is why the responsibility to do something to achieve this goal is unique.

In addition, be sure to study and dedicate yourself to this strategy that can transform your life. Take advantage of all the knowledge that has been put in front of you, apply efficient methods, count on the support of the most experienced and seek to improve always.

If you make a mistake in the process, learn from it. Analyze what needs to be reviewed, but don't give up. Be persevering and achieve everything you dreamed of when developing your personal planning!

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