Friday, August 14, 2020

GOOGLE TRENDS YOUTUBE.How to see YouTube trends from other countries?

What are the trends on YouTube?

In the trends section you can see the most popular videos of the moment on YouTube . In the trends section or 'Trending Tab' you can see all the videos that people are watching, commenting on and sharing every day.

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How to see YouTube trends from other countries?

See YouTube trends for other countries1.       Open the YouTube application from your mobile device.2.       Click on your account, it appears at the top right of the screen.3.       A new screen will open where you must click on the option that says Settings.

How to see trends from other countries?

To see the trends in other countries press on your user icon in the upper right corner. By clicking on this link you should locate Location, click there and change to any country for which you want to see the trends .

How to change the country on YouTube?

In the YouTube app1.       Go to your account icon.2.       Press Settings.3.       Press General.4.       Tap Location.5.       Select the country.

Which are the countries that watch YouTube the most?

15.8 percent of YouTube visitors are American. The people of the United States visit the platform the most , followed by the residents of India, Japan, Russia and China.

How many hours of video are uploaded to YouTube per day?

Every minute 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube . We consume more than 1 billion hours of video per day on this platform, more than Netflix and Facebook videos combined.

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