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SELF MOTIVATION .12 ways to motivate yourself when you're down


12 ways to motivate yourself when you're down

An essential element to work more efficiently is self-motivation. However, various unexpected situations in our daily life can discourage us at times.

It is very common that at times we do not feel like studying, working or doing physical activity, for example. In addition, many people leave everything for later and, in the end, do not reach any of their goals.

Therefore, it is undoubtedly very important to know how to motivate yourself. Being in control of our thoughts and knowing what to do when we are discouraged can help us improve several situations.

Regardless of external factors, it is necessary to learn to stimulate yourself so that the results are as positive as possible.

We know that the career path can be turbulent many times. But nobody can give up before the first stones that he finds in his way.
Here are 10 tips to develop your self-motivation and, at the end of this post, you will know how not to give up when you are discouraged.

1. Determine your goals

Many times we can feel unmotivated because we do not understand well where we want to go.

The following questions can help you:

1.     Do you know the reason for doing what you have been doing so far daily?2.     What do you want to achieve with the initiatives you take in your day to day?3.     Why do you want to achieve those goals?

Stopping and questioning yourself about your desires is one way to get to know yourself better.

And having well-defined objectives is a way of self-motivation, since when we know well where we want to go, it is much easier to take the necessary attitudes to achieve our goals.

But be careful not to set goals that are beyond your ability. Demotivation can be the result of overestimating our strengths.
When we are not aware of the magnitude of a situation, we create unnecessary stress in our lives. Therefore, choose your goals conscious of your strengths and the resources you can use.

Actually, do you know how to motivate yourself with your goals?
Convincing yourself of your main goals and not accepting what is mediocre and comfortable is great for understanding what you want to achieve.

In addition, it establishes short, medium and long term plans that can be met.

Plan your goals by listing a list of actions that you can do and always mark the items already completed. That way you will feel that every time you complete one of the actions you experience a feeling of self-fulfillment and competence.

2. Change the focus of your thinking

One of the ways to learn how to motivate yourself is to change the focus of your thoughts.

Have you ever noticed how we are constantly thinking about what others believe? Or do we even assume what other people imagine?
There are many actions that we take not because we like them, but because we think they are important to someone. And that may be one of the big reasons for lack of courage.

Our suggestion is that you move your focus a little away from the market and others, and that you understand how you feel about everything. Do not try to do your best by thinking only of the external to you.

Of course you need to keep the people around you in mind. But try to do it by understanding how you feel in front of everything that is around you, and if you find that it is not what you like, do not be afraid to change.

Change is our third item on how to motivate yourself when you are discouraged.

3. Make new choices whenever necessary

Sometimes a few changes are all we need to get more excited. And we are not talking about big changes here. They can happen, of course. But you may need only a little modification to what you already do.

The new and the unknown always generate a bit of distrust and even fear. But if you don't try it, you'll never know if it could have worked.

It's not because you spent a lot of time qualifying yourself for a certain task that you need to spend the rest of your life doing that.
For example: many people choose to work in niches that they think are the ones they like. Thus, they are constantly dedicated to learning more about their audience and area of action.

But, just as we change throughout life, it may be that that person changes their opinion regarding the previously chosen niche. And that's where the lack of courage begins.

Having spent a lot of time studying and doing their best in this area, many do not have the courage to change, because they believe that trying something new from scratch is a setback. But they can't perceive that insisting on something we don't like the most only adds to our frustrations.

It is necessary to mentalize that the fact of having started in a field of activity does not mean that it is the ideal for you. Life is made of choices, and you always have the option to change towards something that you like more.

Even if you have spent a lot of time on something that you will not do anymore, what you did will not be wasted. Everything we learn can serve to add up and help us in something new in the future.

Knowing how to achieve self-motivation is also learning that you may want to change your actions, especially in the professional field.

But beware of indecision. We often deceive ourselves and drop everything very quickly.

Change can be important, yes, but constantly changing without persisting in what you have previously started is not a good strategy. After all, you need to try and try your best before making changes.

So, ponder if you are changing for the better or if you are just giving up on something that seems to be too difficult.

4. Don't be afraid of being wrong

All the good results that we obtained in our professional (and personal) lives came because of our plans and executions. This means that achieving your goals does not depend exclusively on luck.

Knowing how to motivate yourself is to want to improve yourself, take calculated risks, celebrate victories and mainly learn from your mistakes.

Even erring eventually is healthy, because it is how we manage to discover other ways of doing our tasks in an even better way.
So, learn from your mistakes and accept them!

Don't punish yourself when you stumble. On the contrary, use it to readjust what you have done, and not to demotivate yourself.

And as an exercise to avoid making the same mistakes again, you can dedicate yourself more to studies, which brings us to the fifth way of automotive! 

5. Learn something new every day 

Will and initiative are two essential characteristics of self-motivation. You have to cheer up again and try to change when you are thinking of giving up!

Learning something new every day is a great tool for how to motivate yourself whenever necessary.

The more information and knowledge we have on a certain issue, the more authority and self-confidence we acquire. This makes us truly believe in our potentials and in what we are doing.
Bet on yourself and above all on your knowledge!

Set educational goals and try to achieve them with lots of study and information sharing.

If you learn something new every day, you will be more prepared for the possible problems that you may face.

Don't let the ship sink and use learning to always motivate yourself. 

6. Be positive

Have you heard about the theory that good thoughts generate good results?

It is true! Get rid of ideas that can be self-destructive or isolate you. Don't overload your mind with negative and only discouraging thoughts.

Of course, it is not easy to always think positively. But there are some steps that can help you when you are out of your mind:

1.     Find your strengths.2.     Repeat positive information to yourself. For example: "I can", "I get it", "that is possible".3.     Stay in touch with the people who cheer you on and avoid those who focus only on your mistakes.4.     Believe in your ability to exercise the activities that concern you.5.     If necessary, find a specialist to talk and help you find your strengths.

Seeing the world and especially your attitudes from a positive perspective help you maintain high energy and motivation.

7. Invest in different sources of satisfaction 

It is very important to disconnect from professional tasks at some point of the day.

One of the reasons why many people get discouraged is because they do not have time for them outside the professional area. And that can be more difficult for those who work at home.

Define some hours for your break, regardless of where your workplace is.

When you are not involved in situations in your professional life, try to rest your mind and for this there are several options to distract yourself, viz.

       Listen to stimulating music;       Read books of various styles;       Go to the theater;       Watch movies;       Traveling, even to a nearby place and only for a weekend;       Do sport;       To meditate;       Get together with friends to chat.

Even when there are problems at work, these are ways to motivate yourself so you don't get discouraged. With some steps like these, you can renew your energy and increase your will to remain firm, strong and motivated. 

8. Use coaching tools

Do you know what coaching is?

It is a technique that provides people with the tools to improve themselves as individuals and, based on this, allows them to transform and evolve. Therefore, coaching can help you find your potential.

Knowing yourself better allows you to define actions and be able to act towards your goals. And that is self-motivation.
So if you need it, seek coaching help to find a reason to keep you going.

9. Meet successful people

Have you ever observed how exciting it is to chat with people who reached their goals?

It is very important to have good references, especially if you are starting a new project. Meeting and relating to people who have had positive results are good ways to motivate yourself.

Everyone has a different story, after all, our results depend a lot on our efforts. However, having contact with someone who has achieved what they wanted can make us study and try harder.

In addition, and as we said before, it is very good to have people around you with positive thoughts and who are willing to support you. 

10. Get out of your comfort zone

It is very common to get stuck in a comfort zone and to be afraid of doing things differently.

However, it is very important to overcome the challenges to achieve your goals (as difficult as it may seem!).

Let's say your main goal is to learn English and your biggest difficulty is that you are very ashamed to speak in front of other people. Although it is not easy, you should take some attitudes that will help you lose that fear, such as participating in group conversation classes or speaking with people from other countries in online chats, for example.

Doing something that costs you can help you a lot in self-motivation, because every time you do something that seemed difficult, you will feel happy and with more desire to continue working towards your goals.

Of course, remember what we already said above: do not be afraid of being wrong. If you want to know how to get out of your comfort zone, check out our 11 tips on the subject . 

11. Get the day off to a good start

This tip may seem obvious, but it is very common that when we start the day badly, our levels of self-motivation drop. There is nothing worse than waking up in a bad mood, missing a bus or going to work hungry, right?

Therefore, a good way to be more motivated to carry out your daily activities and achieve all your goals is to start the day well.

Get up early, have a good breakfast and do everything that can help you feel good: do some physical activity, take a bath, read a newspaper, listen to your favorite music ... Everything that allows you to have more energy and satisfaction! 

12. Give yourself awards 

The last tip to be self-motivated is to give yourself rewards whenever you reach small goals that help you achieve your big goal.

For example, if you don't know how to feel like studying, you can set some challenges, like reading 30 pages of your material per day. Each week that you complete the challenge, you can give yourself a prize, such as taking a special walk, buying some clothes or watching a movie.

You may see this video also for more ideas-

Be creative!

When we need to study, work or do some important activity there are some factors that can discourage us. Lack of time, the people around us, the country's economy and even the fear of taking risks are some of those problems.
We know that at first everything may seem a little more laborious than we expected. But we need to be careful not to give in.

Maintaining a high level of self-motivation in all areas of your life is the main way to prosper and be successful.

Well, then, whenever you feel discouraged, remember these 12 tips with love.

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