Friday, August 14, 2020

What is the lifestyle?What are healthy lifestyles?What is having a good lifestyle?What are the types of lifestyles?

What is the lifestyle?

In epidemiology, the lifestyle , habit of life or way of life is a set of behaviors or attitudes that people develop, which are sometimes healthy and other times are harmful to health. ... Within the epidemiological triangle causing disease, it would be included within the host factor.

What are the types of lifestyles?

Among the lifestyles that affect health and with it the quality of life of people, are the following:
             Consumption of toxic substances: tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.
             Sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise.
             Unbalanced diet.
             Lack of personal hygiene.

What is having a good lifestyle?

We understand lifestyle healthy those habits of our lives daily to help keep us healthier and less functional limitations. To lead a healthier life , we must focus mainly on two aspects: our diet and physical exercise.

What are healthy lifestyles?

The healthy lifestyles refer to a set of behaviors or attitudes that perform everyday people, to keep your body and mind in an adequate manner.

Tips for Starting a Healthy Lifestyle!


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