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Should Partners Share Passwords In A Relationship? HOW DO YOU UPGRADE AND LIVE HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.# life style, #life hacks

Should your email or mobile password be shared with your partner?

What password should be shared with the partner?

By  Prabir Rai Chaudhuri

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There will be no secrecy about husband and wife, there will be no concealment. Such a picture of an ideal marital relationship floats in front of the eyes of many. There are many couples who know each other's emails, social media and even phone passwords. A recent survey found that at least 70 percent of husbands and wives know each other's PIN numbers, passwords, and even fingerprints. This means that the security of the husband's mobile or tab is the fingerprint of the wife and the husband's wife's mobile! The survey also found that couples often have little objection to giving out passwords or PINs.

The question is the same. Is it the culmination of mutual trust between husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend to share this password? 

Or is it actually a form of occupation of each other? How much of your own personal affairs should be disclosed to another person, be it your husband or your boyfriend? Or should that personal space be given as a symbol of mutual trust? If you keep some secrets, isn't the relationship really respected?

In this case, it is a little difficult to answer in one word. There is no problem sharing WiFi or Netflix passwords, but you have to think twice before giving the phone pass code. That clarity about reason does not come overnight, and it takes many years for that belief to develop. That time must be given, and still be aware.

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It is better not to share new passwords. 

If you have just fallen in love, don't get overwhelmed with emotions and sit down with all your secret information. Because you don't know how long this relationship will last, and if for some reason the relationship breaks up, your passwords are also in danger of getting expensive.

Second, no matter how close your intimacy with your partner is-

Remember that revealing the password means opening up the place for identity theft as well! There may be many posts from your name-identity-account with which you do not agree at all. Or can you guarantee that the money will not be withdrawn using your bank account PIN? 

Even long-term passwords can be shared, depending on the couple's mutual chemistry. 

Even if you stay together for ten years, you may not have that chemistry, in that case there is no question of password sharing!

Maintain mutual respect for online privacy. 

You may agree to give your password, but your partner is not comfortable. This is very normal and in that case if there is a quarrel between you about not giving this password, then there can be a big problem. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.


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