Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Tips for working from home effectively .Work from home productivity

Getting more time and effort working from home than your office?
Secret Time management Tips to be productive fast and easy .  

New Normal – Work from home
Think your home as your office 9-6.

Nowadays many professionals around the world in spite of any field have to work from home for more than a couple of months for Covid 19 pandemic . At first, it seemed that it would be easier to handle family and office work together. But in practice, it is seen that there is nothing left to say about one's personal life while doing office work. It used to take two hours to complete the work in the office, but it takes three or four hours to do it at home. Yes, as soon as your office internet works, you don't have the power of home Wi-Fi or broadband. The service has gotten worse since many natural disasters - but it's temporary. In a few days the situation will be better. It may be a few days late for him, not to work until nine o'clock every night.


What are you doing homework and office work together?


Try to maintain office timing. You have to make a routine to get everything done between ten and six. A lot of time is going to go to communicate or meet with the rest of the colleagues. That too should be taken as a part of work. You can't cook or do housework during office hours, either fix it first or do it later. You can take a break from lunch break, but it does not reduce productivity.


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Not all professions can be done at one's own convenience

Many people think that work from home means freedom to work at any time you want. In some professions it may be possible. Or you can get up in the morning and make an urgent project, report or proposal. But outside of office hours, if you go to work every day at your own pace, you will see that you are losing in the end. Other co-workers have to pick up a lot of phones at work, sit at the laptop to answer mails - follow the same rules that you can do the most in the shortest amount of time.


Don't blame the housekeeper for your work delays.

The problem is in your planning, no one at home is responsible for being late for work - understand that. More importantly, we have to work like this for quite some time now. The child's school will continue. Get mentally prepared for it and find out where you are going wrong. Remember, the job market is already pretty bad. It is your responsibility to make sure that there are no problems with productivity. Many office laptops have trackers - there is nothing to be nervous about. If you follow the rules, there is no danger .


Don't take extra stress

You can't work with extra stress, you have to stumble step by step. It takes time to adapt to a new situation, many people do well in set up like office. Maybe if you get some more time, you too will get the job done quickly. Until that happens, don't take too many breaks during working hours. Allocate time for each assignment as needed, and work within it.

Note -"Work from home productivity

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Working from home can increase your performance by 13 percent. A study by Stanford, which followed the performance of 16,000 employees for 7 months, found a 13 percent increase in productivity from the people working at home. They were also found to be working more minutes and doing more work every minute."- From Google


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