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Skin Care- which home scrub will be more beneficial!

Skin Care |  find out which home scrub will be more beneficial!

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Dust, dirt and pollution accumulate dirt in the pores of your skin and gradually a layer of dead skin forms on the face. This causes your face to lose its natural glow . In such cases regular scrubbing is very important to remove dead skin on the face. Removing the dead skin layer on the skin restores the natural glow of your skin. For this, if you are thinking of scrubbing, choose a scrub according to your skin type .

 Scrubbing removes dead skin. With this, the radiance of the face also returns. If you want, you can also do scrubbing at home. We are going to tell you the scrub recipes for different skin types, which you can easily try at home. Let's learn about this homemade scrub

 Dry skin

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 If your skin is dry, you should use things that can moisturize your face. To make this scrub, make a paste by combining half a teaspoon of honey, pure ghee and water in one teaspoon of coffee powder. After applying this paste, gently massage with your hands for 4 to 5 minutes and then wash your face with water.

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 Normal skin

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 If your skin is normal, you can use any type of scrub. You can use brown sugar and olive oil to brighten your face at the time of Asha. This scrub will be best for your skin type. Mix these two things and make a paste of it. Gently massage this paste on the face. The sugar in it will clear the pores of the skin and the oil will bring back the radiance of the face. After some time, wash your face with lukewarm water (Best Home made scrub as per skin type for glowing skin).

 Oily skin

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 People with oily skin do not need to scrub too much. But scrubbing is beneficial for removing dead skin on the face. If you have oily skin, make a thick paste of yogurt, oats and honey. Then apply this paste on face and neck and leave it on for 10 minutes. After that, gently scrub the face with hands or fingers and then rinse with cold water.

 Sensitive skin

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 Sensitive skin needs special care. Because, such skin needs more care. People who have sensitive skin avoid scrubbing. If you have dead skin on your skin, a gentle scrub can be done to remove it. For a mild scrub, make a paste by mixing aloe Vera gel and honey in the dough. After applying this paste on the face, gently massage it. Rinse face with cold water after a while.

 (Note: You must consult a doctor before any treatment.)

 (Best Home made scrub as per skin type for glowing skin)

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