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# YOUTUBE - How to use YouTube with a screen reader ?

How to use YouTube with a screen reader ?

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Apply these tips on this page to get the best YouTube experience with a desktop screen reader. When you use YouTube, the key combinations are activated automatically.

YouTube search and search results

How to search YouTube videos

1.      Go to YouTube .

2.      Press the / key  to go to the search box that appears at the top of the           page.

3.      Enter a search term and press Enter .

Search results

The search results page has a section that suggests corrections for misspelled words. Each of the search results presents the following information:

        The title of the video (if selected, the video will play)

        The name of the channel that posted the video

        How long ago the video was uploaded and how many views it has

        A snippet of the video description

YouTube Player

If you click on a video, you will be taken to the YouTube video player. These are the sections that you will see in it:

Section headers

Heading 1 for a video title

On the player

        Search slider : The search slider is used to fast forward or rewind the video. To use it, you must deactivate the virtual cursor and then press the tab key to select it. Use the left and right or up and down arrow keys to fast forward or rewind the video.

        Play / Pause : The button text changes according to the video status. To replay it, select the Play button or press K after the video stops playing.

        Next : This button allows you to go to the next video. If you do not have multimedia buttons, you can move on to the next video with Shift + N .

        Mute / unmute : This button changes depending on the state of the video (sound on or muted).

        Volume slider : Use the arrow keys left and right or up and down to increase and decrease the volume.

        Elapsed time / total duration : This section shows the total elapsed time compared to the total duration of the video. Shows how much of the video has been played so far and how much is left to play.

        Subtitles : If a video has subtitles, you can press the C key to activate them. They will be displayed at the bottom of the video. To disable them, use the C key again .


The Configuration button allows access to a menu in which you can make the following changes:

        Autoplay : Enable or disable autoplay.

        Annotations : Activate or deactivate annotations.

        Speed : Select the speed of the video, which can be normal, accelerated or decelerated.

        Subtitles : Activate or deactivate subtitles. Here you can also choose the subtitle language or select automatic translation.

        Quality : Select the pixel quality of the video you are currently watching. The available resolutions depend on how the video was uploaded and the speed of the Internet connection. We recommend leaving the Automatic option so that the quality of the videos adapts to the speed of the connection.

Theater mode

Select Theater Mode   to expand the player. Select it again to return to its original size.

Full screen

If you select full screen mode   , the player will be maximized to the screen size and all content outside of it will be removed. Select Escape to exit full screen mode.

Full screen mode is also used to get rid of extra elements that appear around the player on the HTML page. Only the player will be displayed.



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