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Exam Preparation | 11 Easy tips to get 100% marks in every exam || #Exam, #Mentor, #Preparation.

11 Easy tips to get 100% marks in every exam

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Whatever the test, it is important to remember a lot of things without solving the problem. So we are saying that by remembering some tips, not a single mark will be lost in the exam.

1. Take a break-

Constant reading doesn't make you remember anything. So it is important to take a break from it. Rest for 10 minutes every hour.


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2. Start with a difficult topic-

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Start with a difficult topic before you start studying. If the brain is fresh, remember everything you read.

3. Remember the course-

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Don't read a single chapter. How many days are left for the exam and schedule according to your syllabus.

4. Eat right-

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Avoid eating or drinking anything outside before the exam. Eat fresh and nutritious meals cooked at home, eat fruit, eat a diet that provides energy.

5. Drink plenty of water.

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6. Make notes-

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Make notes of all the important points. These are useful for repeating one last time.

7. Don't stress-

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It may be that family members or teachers are pressuring you to keep studying or to get good grades. You focus your attention and don’t worry about the outcome.

8. Solve model paper-

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Solving the model question paper can help for you. This will help solve the problem at the scheduled time.

9. Solve all problems-

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Solve problems based on a lesson you don't understand in a subject. Don't keep doing it later.

10. Be confident-

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Be confident in what you have read. You have to solve the paper thinking that everything is coming.

11. Create a checklist or inventory-

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Make a checklist of what you want to carry on the day of the paper. Put it in one place and then start preparing.

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