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Hair Treatment | Thinking of straightening hair? Learn the difference between different hair treatments.

 Hair Treatment | Thinking of straightening hair? Learn the difference between different hair treatments.

Long, straight and beautiful hair is what everyone wants. Some have straight hair at birth, while others do not. But everyone thinks that we should look like the girls we see in advertisements. If you want, you can do straight hair. But you have to be very careful. And you look great when straightening your hair, but it is important to know what method you use for straightening and how it affects your hair (Know the details about Hair treatments, hair straightening for straight hair).

The most popular method for straightening hair is hair straightening. In fact, hair straightening is a hair styling technique that is used to straighten your hair. This makes your hair look smooth and beautiful. If you want straight hair for many days, then you have no choice but to do hair straightening, curtin treatment or hair smoothing.

What is Hair Straightening? (What Is Hair Straightening)

Hair straightening is the process of straightening hair. It is used by people who have curly or slightly frizzy hair. This type of hair can be straightened in two ways. The first method is to straighten the hair for some time, ie temporary straightening and the second method is to straighten the hair permanently.

Chemicals are used to straighten and smooth the hair in permanent hair straightening / rebonding. This method claims to straighten hair permanently. But in fact, it keeps the hair semi-permanent until the hair grows back. The chemicals used in this method can weaken your hair. Which can cause them to break down and become sore. If you don't take proper care of your hair after permanent straightening, your hair will lose its natural shine and become dull.



- If you straighten your hair, there is no need to style it.

- Gets rid of frizzy hair.


- Your hair will look straight but you will know that you have straightened it. That means they will not straighten naturally.

- You have to take great care of your hair.

- Depending on the length of your hair, straightening can take up to 4 to 6 hours.

(Know the details about Hair treatments hair straining smoothing for straight hair)


Hair smoothing

Hair smoothing not only gives your hair a natural look, but also makes it silky and smooth. In addition, smoothing makes it easier for you to manage your hair. It does not allow hair to become frizzy, dull and split ends. In fact, this method also uses chemicals, but it is still much better than rebonding. Once the hair is smooth, it depends on how it is cared for. Because we wash our hair frequently. But still hair smoothing stays on your hair for 6 to 8 months.

 Keratin Treatment

 Carotene is a type of protein that is naturally present in hair, nails and teeth and strengthens them. However, when the hair comes in contact with external pollutants, dust, wool and air, the amount of carotene in it gradually decreases and the hair becomes lifeless and frizzy. The keratin treatment restores the lost shine of the hair. Which makes the hair soft, shiny and beautiful. This treatment not only gives your hair a straight look, but when you look at your hair, it will feel as if you have just gone to a parlor and blow dried. But the effect is short-lived. The effect lasts for a maximum of 6 months and decreases with each time you wash your hair. After the carotene treatment, you will need to use different hair products from the parlor, such as shampoo and conditioner. This treatment stops your hair from falling out.


- It makes frizzy hair smooth.

- You can do any hairstyle in the comfort of the hair.

- It is safe for all types of hair.

- Reboding is the best option.

- Your hair gets a more natural straight look.


- Chemicals are used in this treatment. Which can cause allergies to your skin and eye irritation.

- This treatment is expensive and the shampoos and conditioners given after this treatment are not cheap either.


Brazilian Hair Treatment

Brazilian hair treatment is done especially on dry and wavy hair. No harsh chemicals are used in this treatment. Which does not have a bad effect on the hair. Its complete process uses natural ingredients i.e. natural ingredients, proteins and antioxidants. Which helps to improve the texture of the hair.



- It makes hair silky and smooth.

- It does not use harsh chemicals.

- It nourishes and moisturizes the hair follicles.


- This treatment lasts only 12 to 14 weeks on the hair.

- Brazilian hair treatment is very expensive.

If you want to use natural remedies for hair, there are some home remedies that can help you straighten curly or frizzy hair at home. -

- Honey, milk and strawberries are used as natural straighteners. For this, you need to mix a cup of milk, two tablespoons of moth and some mashed strawberries together. Apply this paste on your hair for at least 2 hours. Then wash your hair with shampoo.

- Mix coconut milk and lemon juice well in a bowl and leave it in the fridge to cool for a few hours. When cool, apply to hair as a hair mask. Let the hair steam for 15 minutes after some time. Then wash your hair with shampoo. Do not do this remedy in winter.

- With the help of gram flour, multani soil and mustard oil you can get straight hair naturally. This will require 4 tablespoons gram flour and the same amount of multani soil. Mix these two ingredients together and add mustard oil to make a paste. Apply this paste on the hair for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash the hair well with shampoo.

(Note: An expert or doctor must be consulted before any treatment.)

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