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Healthcare Trends | Life Style | Experts say overuse of headphones is dangerous

Experts say overuse of headphones is dangerous

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Hearing noise of any kind above eighty decibels as well as overall noise pollution, overuse of headphones, even constant loud talking etc. can lead to hearing loss. Therefore, take care of natural hearing and take care of it, get treatment at the right time and accept the option of cochlear implant surgery for congenital deafness as soon as possible, appealed the ear-nose-throat experts on the occasion of World Hearing Day .

In the press conference held by the executive of the experts, the president of the executive, Dr. Shrikant Savji said that March 3 is celebrated globally as Hearing Day to prevent deafness and hearing loss as well as to raise awareness about hearing care. For this, a special theme is announced every year by the World Health Organization.

'Hearing Care for All' is the theme of this year's World Hearing Day. Various programs have been organized against that background. However, due to Corona, no public events have been organized this year.

To increase the prevalence of deafness treatment, free surgeries are being performed on the most needy patients and low cost surgeries are being performed on some patients. Riteish Bhagwant said. Cochlear implant surgery for deaf and dumb children is being expanded. Said the lucky one.

Dangerous overuse of headphones

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Recently overuse of headphones by the younger generation, overuse of headphones, listening to loud music, loud noise above 80 decibels, causes severe hearing loss, so use headphones as little as possible. Such an appeal was made by the experts this time.

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