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Healthy Life Style- Heal neck pain with smart yoga, easy and fast

Healthy Life Style-  Heal neck pain with smart yoga, easy and fast

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Why mobile causes neck pain:- We are in the age of advanced technology and mobile phones are widely used all over the world. From education to health to personal relationships to business, mobile and other devices have revolutionized the entire world.

But the widespread use or misuse of mobile has posed various dangers to lifestyle. This causes the text neck pain to increase. Textneck is a kind of new lifestyle disease. The disease is caused by prolonged use of mobiles, laptops, tablets or e-books. This condition causes pain in the neck and back.

 Under normal conditions, a person's ears are just above the shoulders and the head weighs 4.5 kg. Even if the neck is extended an inch, this weight falls on the spinal cord. Approximately 10 to 14 kg of weight falls on the backbone while holding the smart phone on the thigh. Which is more. This is enough to make you unbalanced. Here are some Yogashanas for the pain of this text neck which is happening to the neck.

Strengthening the back and neck and flexibility of the body frees the body from unwanted stress. Here are some Ashanas and yoga that will strengthen the waist and neck and give flexibility. Regular practice of this Ashana will also relieve back pain and neck tension caused by mobile.

1 Pull the ear and massage-

Gently press both your ears from top to bottom. Hold both ears and pull out and slowly rotate in a clockwise and counterclockwise direction. This will reduce the tension around the ear and provide relief.

2 Pull two hands-

Place both your hands on your head and raise your palms towards the sky. Hold your hands upwards. This will relax the arms and shoulders.

Rotate shoulders-

Keep your arms parallel to your shoulders. Touch the underside of the little finger with the thumb. Rotate the shoulders clockwise and counterclockwise.

4 Bring the palms of the hands to the chest. 

Apply pressure to the chest with the hands, keeping the shoulders steady. Do the same with the other hand by changing hands.

Make a figure of eight with corners-

Now set your both hands and palms together in front of your chest. Connect the fingers of both hands. Now draw a figure of eight from the shoulders and corners of both hands.

6 Shoulder Stretch-

Keep your right hand under your head and your left hand holding your knee tightly. Now rotate the right hand from head to hip. Do this often.

7 Press with thumb-

Bring the thumbs of both your hands in front of the chest. Rotate them several times in both directions. Press and release both fingers, repeat this process several times.

All of these exercises are enough to relieve the pain, but take advantage of the experience by doing the following:-

1 Change the status of the device-

To reduce neck and back pain, place the device on the thigh and bend in a position that is natural, with the device in front of the eye.

2 Rest-

If you use the device all day, take short breaks and rest your body and eyes. You can change position after the break.

By practicing these Yogas you can avoid any health hazards and become a smartphone yogi.


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