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Healthy Life Style | Skin Care | Cooked rice gives glowing skin, Try 'Rice Face pack ' !

 Skin Care | Cooked rice gives glowing skin, 
 Try 'Rice Face pack ' !

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We all probably know this type of Korean beauty. Many women around the world agree with these Korean beauty tips . Using them, a different glow appears on the skin. It makes such a difference that you can't even guess the age from someone's face .

In fact, it is very difficult and not so, that Korean beauty treatments take a variety of products and treatments to hide aging. But, it uses only one thing, which is easily found in each of our homes.

Yes, we are talking about rice, which is readily available in your home. We Indians consume rice in our regular diet. Most people's meals are not complete without food. There are many different types of rice made in your home, but you know that its use is not limited to food, you can also use it for the health of your hair and skin.

With its use, the spots and spots on your skin will disappear in a few days. Also, rice will reduce dryness on your face and cleanse the skin. This will make your face look radiant .

Learn how to make Rice Face Pack:

Raw rice should be washed at least two to three times with water and its dirt should be thoroughly cleaned. Then add water to the rice and cook it, just like you usually cook rice to eat. The rice is cooked in one to two whistles, then turn off the heat and let cool. When cool, grind the rice in a grinder to make a paste.

Now add a few drops of Vitamin E oil in this paste. Vitamin E oil is rich with anti-aging properties. Mix this paste well and keep it in a can or pot and keep it in the fridge. Now take a bath and use this paste instead of lotion on the body, in a few days you will know the difference. Its daily use will give a different glow to your skin and make the skin feel soft.

Rice water is also beneficial!

If hair loss does not cause hair growth or other problems, then rice water is a great option. The amino acids in it prevent hair loss. Rice contains vitamins B, C and E, which are good for hair growth. Use rice water after washing the head twice a week, the difference will appear in a few days.

(Note: Expert advice must be sought before any treatment.)


Rice Face pack Korean beauty tips for healthy and glowing skin,


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