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HOME HEALTH || - Home Remedies for Headaches and Toothaches

 HOME HEALTH || - Home Remedies for Headaches and Toothaches

Pain in the body and head dueto work stress and other causes is not relieved even by taking a lot of medicines, but taking those painkillers can cause injury to the body. So let's find out what this home remedy is.

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* Clove- Clove is found in every home. Toothache occurs suddenly. It was difficult to get medicine in such a situation. Clove oil is beneficial for toothache. If there is no clove oil in the house, pressing the cloves under the teeth reduces the pain. Clove is also effective for sore throat and sore throat. 

* Black Tea or Black Tea - Drink black tea to reduce the pain caused by work stress and fatigue. Then wipe the eyes. Relieves headaches and relieves fatigue. If you don't like black tea, add milk to this tea.

* Turmeric milk - If you feel tired and bored after work and feel pain in the body due to this, instead of taking painkillers, add turmeric and drink warm milk. Sleep for a while. When you get up, you will be refreshed. And all the pain in the body will also go away.

* Apply oil and sit in the same place in the office all day. Apply a little oil on the soles of the feet to get rid of this pain. It will also relieve pain and inflammation of the soles of the feet, as well as keep the skin of the feet soft.

* Massage with oil- Aniseed oil, lavender oil, clove oil, lemon grass oil, all these oils are effective in relieving pain. If the body feels heaviness, pain, cramps, any of these oils can be used to relax the muscles. This helps to get rid of body aches in no time.


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