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LIFE LINE || Follow these tips to get out of depression

 Follow these tips to get out of depression

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Nowadays, due to increasing work stress and some personal reasons, people get stressed and take unwanted steps. Depression is a disorder that is affecting more and more people. Some people can't cope with stress and give up early. Stress upsets their mental balance. Here are some tips to get out of depression.

* Quality Time - Spending quality time with your family and friends is the best medicine to fight depression. You can also go out with your friends.


* Thinking more about others- We think about others more than ourselves. What will he think, how can he go beyond me. We get stressed out by thinking like that. Don't think about others. Change your habit today. Doing so will only increase your stress.


* Feel free to talk to your family or loved ones. Share your problems with them. Doing so eliminates stress.


* Use less phone- When using more phone you were far away from yourself and others. So reduce phone usage . Give yourself and others time.


* Make time for yourself - You have time for others but not for yourself. Make time for yourself and do what you love. Introduce yourself. Eat favorite and be happy. Play your favorite game. If you love to do social work, joining an NGO will fill your empty mind and you will be happy. Listen to motivational songs. Negative thoughts will change the negative mood .

* Stay away from medicines - Often people start taking medicines for depression on their own without consulting a doctor. It has dangerous consequences. Do not take any medicine for this without consulting a doctor.

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