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Zoe , Chestnuts and Squirrels || Bedtime Stories For Kids

Zoe , Chestnuts and Squirrels

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Once upon a time there was a little girl called Zoe.

His mother sends him to look for chestnuts in the forest, for that, she gives him a basket, a snack, and ... gloves. Because, you know, chestnuts are full of prickles that sting your hands very hard when you pick them up ...

On the way, Zoe meets a baby squirrel:

"I'm hungry! I'm hungry! I'm hungry !. .. Shouts the baby squirrel

- All right, said Zoe, I'll give you my snack. "

 Further on, she meets an old hedgehog fallen on its back.

"Help! Help! ... I can't get back on my feet! Help!

-Okay, said Zoe, I'm going to help you. Ouch! Ouch! ... You sting with your How to do it? ... Ah, I know, I'm going to put on the gloves ... "

And hop ! She turns the old hedgehog over! And tip and tap and tip and tap ... the hedgehog goes on its feet! Zoe continues on her way, she walks, she walks for a long time, but she does not find a chestnut, no chestnut! So Zoe sits down on a stone and cries:

"I didn't find anything ... Nothing ..."


Suddenly, she hears, nibbling and nibbling, a little noise above her: It's the baby squirrel with his daddy and his mom!

"You fed our little one ... We will help you ... Come, we know where the chestnuts are ..."

The squirrels jump from branch to branch and lead Zoe to a huge tree. In the tree, there is a big hole ... filled with chestnuts! ... Lots of chestnuts! ... Very spicy! ...

"This is our hiding place, here are our provisions for the winter but you can take some ... Said papa squirrel.

- Oh, my gloves! I've lost my gloves! exclaims Zoe ... What am I going to do? ... Without my gloves, I can't take chestnuts, it stings too much !!!


Tip and tap and tip and tap ... the hedgehog arrives on its feet!

- Hmm ...

- Oh, the old hedgehog!

- I can help you as you helped me, little Zoe. Looked ..."

The old hedgehog then rolls around in the chestnuts which cling to its quills! ... Then he gets back on his feet, covered with the large fruits.

"That's how I transport my food ...

- Bravo! You are a" chestnut carrier "hedgehog!!! Bravo! Bravo! ... What a good idea !!!"

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Zoe dances around the old hedgehog, clapping her hands. Squirrels also dance with little cries. Then they jump into Zoe's basket:

"We'll take you home! And we'll help you open them, the chestnuts, they don't sting us!"

That day, you know, we saw a funny picture in the forest: A little girl chatting with three squirrels in a basket and a hedgehog bristling with chestnuts trotting alongside her! ! !



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