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The 10 study habits of good students || Productivity and motivation for students- by Prabir Rai Chaudhuri

 The 10 study habits of good students
Productivity and motivation for students

By Prabir Rai Chaudhuri 

Study habits

It is proven that having good study habits is a guarantee that you will become a good student and get good grades. On the other hand, a lack of study habits brings students closer to poor results. It does not matter if you are a student of ESO, secondary, high school, university or you are preparing an opposition. Incorporating proper study habits will bring you closer to achieving your goal.

It is possible that on many occasions you have obtained a grade that has not done justice to the time you have dedicated to studying, and that is something very frustrating. Have you considered that the strategy you follow when studying is not correct? Are your study habits improvable? Planning and organizing your study, resting from time to time, avoiding distractions or maintaining motivation are some of the aspects that you must take into account when studying.

Be clear that if you are able to incorporate good study habits into your day to day, you will have half the way to your goal done. That is why we are going to give you some advice and tips that will help you acquire some study habits that good students have , successful students. Now you can become one of them.

 What are study habits?

 Let's start by clarifying what a habit is. The RAE says that a habit is "the special way of proceeding or behaving acquired by repetition of the same or similar acts, or caused by instinctive tendencies." Colloquially said, a habit is the regular and constant practice of some activity until an effective routine is created.

 If we extrapolate this to study, we can affirm that the study habit is the regular practice of certain study routines, which, when acquired, help us to exponentially improve our learning capacity . Therefore, having good study habits will be decisive in achieving the academic goal that you have set for yourself, whatever it may be.

 It is proven that having good study habits is much more decisive in achieving your goals than the retention capacity of each student, than intelligence or the center where you have been trained. Always remember that the time we dedicate daily to improving our training, clarifying doubts or expanding our knowledge, carried out effectively, will really be the key that will lead us to the future we have set for ourselves.

 Study habits that will make you a better student

Would you like to know what study habits will make you a better student? Perfect! Here are 10 study habits that will help you learn smarter and more effectively.

 1. Set a goal

Before starting to study daily you must be clear about what you want to achieve with all this. Being clear about your objectives and your motivations to undertake this path will be the key that will lead you to achieve your goals, that will keep you motivated and that will make you avoid procrastination.

 2. Good planning is essential

Having a correct planning is essential if you intend to achieve a goal. It is your road map, the base that will make you follow a certain path and that you do not stray from the course if adversity arrives.

 When studying it is very important to plan and organize the study. In this article we explain how you can better organize yourself by creating your study calendar . We assure you that there will be a before and after when you have made your own study calendar and have organized the hours that you are going to dedicate to studying.

 3. Study every day at the same time

To get a good study habit it is recommended that the study is always done in the same periods of time. This will make your brain end up assimilating those moments as study time and be more predisposed to understand the information in this time interval.

 Do you have little time to study and you have to take advantage of every gap you have between the different obligations you have to face every day? It is normal. Do not worry. As far as possible, try to study at the same time every day. Surely these gaps that you take advantage of to study also follow a pattern of schedules that are repeated day after day.

 4. Avoid study binges

Studying for long periods of time without a break is counterproductive to your memorization. The best way to study is little by little, with small sessions of time well spent. In short periods the brain assimilates much better the information to which you expose it. It is proven that it is better to study ten sessions of one hour than one session of ten hours.

 5. Rest is a priority

Many times, either because we have little time to study or because we have started studying too late for an exam, we substitute hours of sleep for hours of study. But you have to keep in mind that no matter what happens, you should sleep between 7 and 8 hours.

 Your body and mind need rest, and if you deprive them of that rest, their performance will plummet. So if you want to maintain a good performance when studying, you should sleep enough so that when you get up the next day you are at 100% of your abilities.

 Also, do you know that while you sleep your brain continues to work assimilating information and even solving unresolved questions or problems? Has it ever happened to you that you have not been able to solve a problem and the next morning, when you have woken up, suddenly, by magic, you have found the key that allows you to solve it?

 6. Always study in the same place

It doesn't matter if you do it in the library, in your room or at your aunt's house, the one in town. The important thing is that you always study in the same place, as it will help you avoid unnecessary distractions. When you are used to a place, the stimuli of the place are part of the routine, so you do not hear noises, nor are you distracted by the environment. Having a suitable place to study every day will improve your concentration and, therefore, your performance.

 7. Set small goals every day

Setting yourself a small goal every day will help you concentrate and be more predisposed to study. If you know that today you have the goal of learning the periodic table, you should not get up until you have achieved it. Setting small goals will help you stay motivated, increase your concentration and prevent you from getting distracted.

 8. Learn to teach.

One of the best habits you can acquire to improve as a student is learning to teach. This means that you must introduce an oral presentation of what you are studying into your routine. You should approach it as if you were explaining it to someone else to make it more effective. It does not matter how much information you have studied today. If you do it every day and incorporate it into your routine, it will give you a clear vision of the knowledge you have on the subject, it will help you mentally structure, assimilate and internalize the information you have studied.

 9. Forget mobile devices.

No smartphones during the study. Yes, what you hear. Nothing. Even if you don't want to admit it, mobile devices are a constant source of distractions. If you are one of those who cannot live without your smartphone nearby, you should put it in airplane mode during the time you spend studying. In addition, you can also take advantage of your mobile to use some apps created especially to help you with your routines, such as Forest App.

 10. Reward your effort daily.

Just as you have set small daily goals that you must meet, you need to reward yourself with something after achieving your daily goal. A big prize is not necessary: ​​a coffee, a couple of pages of that book or a walk with your dog can be the prize. Doing something you like every day after achieving your goal will help you stay motivated and create a good study habit.

 How to create or acquire a study habit

 How can you incorporate a study habit into your daily life? How long does it take to acquire a study habit? We are going to answer all these questions and we are going to explain how you can create or acquire a study habit .

 Let's start by clarifying how the study habit is acquired. In order to create a habit, we must be clear that we need two things: perseverance and determination. The only way to create a habit, whatever it is, is to repeat it constantly, no matter what, with a steely determination. Why is this so important? Because it has been shown that only by repeating a certain action daily is our brain capable of assimilating it as a habit.

 There are experts who assure that 21 days are necessary to create a study habit, however, it is scientifically proven that to acquire a habit, be it study or otherwise, you will need to repeat the routine for 66 days.

 For example, imagine that you have proposed that every day you will have dinner at 8:00 p.m. and right after dinner, at approximately. 8:30 p.m., you will study until 11:00 p.m., time to go to bed to read a little and sleep. This supposes a change of habits, since until now you used to have dinner at 9:00 p.m. and after dinner you used to watch TV until 12:00 p.m. Carrying out this change of habits and incorporating this study habit into your life will require an effort at first, but as you repeat this routine day by day, that effort will be reduced and you will do it almost without thinking, instinctively.

 To acquire a habit, in this case a study habit, it is important that you do not miss any day when carrying out your routine, especially during the first phase of 66 days. There may be times when it's hard for you, but get some perspective. What if the only thing that separates you from your dream, from what you really want to do for the rest of your life, is a simple routine? A routine! Isn't it worth the initial effort to achieve your goal, what you've always dreamed of? So what are you waiting for to start?

 Apps that help you create a study habit

 If you are one of those who cannot live without your smartphone, you are in luck, because we are going to tell you about some apps that will help you when it comes to acquiring a habit, in this case they are two apps that will help you create a good study habit .

 Loop : This app is perfect if you are looking to create a new routine in your life. It is specifically designed for all those people who find it difficult to create daily routines.

 How does it work?: You must set yourself some goals and gradually introduce the new routines that you carry out to achieve them. This app will evaluate your perseverance and determination and will make you aware of what aspects you should maintain, eliminate or reinforce in your day to day life. This application will allow you to be aware of your progress with a simple glance and will help motivate you to achieve your goal.

 Price: This app is free and is only available for Android.

 Habitica : Habitica is a perfect app to create new habits, even for those who just thinking about a routine makes them go back.

 How does it work?: This app proposes the establishment of habits through gamification, making creating a routine more appealing and fun. You have to set some goals and you must fulfill them to obtain rewards. If you do not perform them correctly you will get punishments. It has a large community of users who will help you fight against your own monsters and achieve your goals.

 Price: This app is free and available for both Android and IOS.

 Test or questionnaire about your study habits

Would you like to know what aspects of your study routine are you doing well? What do you do wrong when you study and how can you improve? If so, the best way to analyze your habits is to take a questionnaire that clears up all your doubts to optimize your study routine as much as possible, don't you think?


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