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New Look | Hairstyle for women | Hairstyle 2022: why a new haircut changes a life?

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Hairstyle: why a new haircut changes a life?


Have you ever felt that sudden urge to have a new, life-changing haircut?

I'm talking about this irrepressible feeling of having a new hairstyle , a new color, a new look for a real change in our life !

Our hair, this genetic heritage, indeed represents the image that we have of ourselves and that which we send back to others. They thus become the symbol of what we are intrinsically. Imbued with our experience, they evoke a story and memories.


It is therefore not surprising to feel this need to radically change your mind following strong events that occur in our lives as hectic as the modern world.

This desire, share it with your hairdresser. He knows you. He will then be able to advise you, guide you and support you in this process.


Mark a change with a new cut

“I want to cut everything!”, “I want to color everything!”, “I want to change everything!”. This is what we can say to ourselves following a significant event in our lives.

 These events, whether positive or negative, can then concern both personal and professional life.

 As the psychiatrist Françoise MILLET-BARTOLI specifies , “the desire for a strong change, whether in the cut or in the color, is often linked to important moments in our life”.

It has in fact been shown that 59% of women decide to change their look and hairstyle following a breakup . We move away from painful memories just as we get rid of all the objects recalling these moments: photos, clothes, gifts. We thus cut the link with the past and mark the change towards a new chapter of our life.

World-renowned personalities have also shown us this sudden hairstyle transformation to mark a turning point in their lives. They have indeed gone from long hair to short hair or from a natural color to a more sophisticated color.

Find harmony with a new haircut

As Coco Chanel said , “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. ". Cutting your hair and literally changing your look is therefore not just a question of aesthetics. This gesture is not insignificant and also reveals a psychological dimension that impacts our lives.

Sylvie Consoli, psychoanalyst, speaks of “narcissistic repair” . More exactly, the approach would consist in treating a narcissistic wound in order to find harmony with oneself and a certain well-being.

In our modern and active society, women are independent, strong and assume responsibilities by evolving in different spheres throughout their lives. Similar to a chameleon, she adapts to situations and can face more or less important difficulties. As a result, the image she has of herself and the one she sends back to those around her can be weakened.

For example, the act of cutting one's hair short can be seen as liberation and self-affirmation. . It's a stand and a resumption of control of his life to take another step. We then feel lighter and we discover a new identity that sticks more with what we feel and what we are.

Yes, a new haircut changes a life.

It's possible but not any old how or with anyone.

Consult and share your desire with your hairdresser!

Advice from your hairdresser for a new haircut

The new Urban Curl collection by Jean Vallon is aimed at the urban woman and matches her lifestyle. Jean Vallon listens to you, understands you and supports you in your personal development, a source of well-being and balance.

Our coloring specialist, Christèle, explains that it takes 48 hours for the eye to get used to our image again . This is why it is important to be advised and guided through an exchange with hairdressing experts. They will be able to detect your desire for change while providing tailor-made know-how . Their expertise will thus make it possible to adapt the trend to your morphology, your complexion and your hair.

Allow yourself to breathe. Allow yourself a moment of peace. Recharge your batteries and rediscover the very essence of what makes you unique.



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